Putting lipstick on a pig

…the same individuals were to be presented as allies yesterday and must be as enemies today, even if they are still on orders from Washington.

imageIt is difficult have an understanding of international terrorism as sponsored by the United States, and at the same time watch the U.S. state-controlled media twist that same information into a fairy tale. ISIS is nothing more than a terrorist organization, and when it was doing Washington’s work in Libya and Syria, was presented as a pro-democratic force.

Defeated in Syria, armed to the teeth by the U.S., Turkey, France and Saudi Arabia (acting as a conduit for Ukrainian weapons), ISIS is now presented as a scourge that is forcing Washington’s hand, perhaps triggering another intervention in Iraq.

What changed? Words changed. That’s all. Al Qaeda, Syrian Emergency Task Force, Al-Nosra, Northern Storm Brigade … ISIS. All Washington employees, all the time. Sometimes a friend, sometimes an enemy, always on the payroll. Terrorists, saboteurs, beheaders, eaters of intestines, human scourge … these are our guys. They are drenched in American weapons and money.

I have long regarded John McCain as a terrorist. Sent on a mission to bomb a light bulb factory in north Vietnam, he was shot down, could have been left to drown but was instead rescued and imprisoned for five years. He was tortured, and broke. He’s not a sane man now, but I had no idea that he is, as Thierry Meyssan claims, an agent behind so much illegal U.S. activity these last decades, from the ouster of president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, the attempt to overthrow President Mwai Kibaki in Kenya, the attempted overthrow of president Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and most recently, the ousting of the constitutional president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. These are all democratically elected governments, and the U.S. attacked them, probably for that reason.

Who knew? Such a man, rightly imprisoned in Vietnam, is behind international terrorism. He is presented as a hero here in the Empire of Lies. That’s why I said at the outset here that it is difficult to watch U.S. state-controlled media twist all of this around, lying about everything everywhere all the time and taking a man like McCain, a deranged terrorist, and making him seem something better than that.

I call that putting lipstick on a pig.

9 thoughts on “Putting lipstick on a pig

  1. Meyssan raises the “partitioning” of Iraq, which has been on the table for all to see since at least 2007. http://votesmart.org/public-statement/314572/biden-brownback-legislation-passes-senate-again

    It didn’t get Biden, or Brownback the (VP ain’t bad) nomination, but the plan — the same plan (http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815) since 1982 — never went away. http://votesmart.org/public-statement/314572/biden-brownback-legislation-passes-senate-again


  2. I wondered when you were going to do a post on this. I have read too that not only Saudi Arabi but also our OTHER great ally, Kuwait, are the main suppliers of arms and support to ISIS. Jeebus! How did we get into this situation? Truly amazing. Our “allies” supporting our enemies! Mission accomplished for sure! I wish I could be hopeful, but I see no hope on the horizon for this country. I don’t use this word lightly, but now, it’s full blown fascism. We’re screwed. And the people willingly cheer the most inane patriotism and militarism. I makes me sick, for I’m old enough to remember a different time. The John Birchers, one of the most insane groups that this country ever produced, won.


    1. It’s interesting, if you read the link, Swede, that the Vietnamese, just like the Americans, did not do torture for sake of intelligence gathering. They did it to break people. McCain broke, is probably deeply troubled. We know he has a violent temper and can go off on people.

      Abu Ghraib was a giant torture facility where the latest techniques in torture were used – all of that stuff you say, the pyramids, dogs, nudity, sensory deprivation, is state of the art, designed to break people down, induce psychosis, and who knows, maybe score a Manchurian candidate here and there. These people, your military, your CIA, these people, Swede, are fucking monsters. The evil unleashed on this planet out of Langley is immense, the body count now in the high millions. They are the scourge of the planet. You can only support them for two reasons: ignorance, or that you too are a hateful monster. Just sayin’. Have a nice day then.


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