Reading American news: This one is easy to unravel

State Department admits that there might be “dozens” of Americans fighting in Syria and Iraq, and that they are “disaffected,” possibly posing a ” threat to national security” when they return home. This is in response to an American turning up dead fighting for “ISIS” in Syria.

As American news goes, this one is easy to unravel. “Dozens” means hundreds, and as fighting intensifies, more of them will be killed, captured or otherwise exposed. They are not expatriates, they are not fighting for the other side. Their histories are wiped clean, they seem to randomly up and leave and go fight in strange lands. They are American agents, provocateurs, part of ISIS and under US control, and subject to the following dictum, taken from a popular TV show back in the sixties:

If killed or captured, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your activity.

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