Stupid pretty faces

I was half-heartedly watching a TV drama called Ray Donovan the other night. It is one of those productions for pay channels that draws rave reviews, most likely because it has swearing and nudity and is not interspersed with mind-numbing and psychologically subversive advertising. Consequently it seems more coherent than regular TV fare. The acting and casting are more skilled. One of the main characters is Mickey Donovan, played by Jon Voight, otherwise known as Angelina Jolie’s dad. I’ve not been able to locate him in the casting available on websites, but Mickey has a certifiably crazy friend, with erratic mannerisms and a goofy unshaven appearance. (I am guessing here that this is “Bunchy Donovan”, a family member who suffers from depression and addiction. I have not paid enough attention to be sure.)

As I was watching the other night, I noticed that Bunchy was talking about 9/11, and realized that I was witnessing some of the only permitted discussion of that event on television. And of course, the show’s writers and producers had it come from the mouth of a crazy person. But why?

This naturally leads to discussion of how much of our thought control regime is intentional, how much accidental, how much self-induced, and how much merely instinctive. In this particular episode, there was no reason to discuss the 9/11 event in terms of plot. The character was merely riffing. The writers could have been trying to demonstrate the character’s instability, and so chose skepticism about 9/11 as evidence. Or, in a more sinister manner, the show’s writers could have been trying to warn us that only crazy people doubt the official truth of 9/11.

If the latter, the show’s writers certainly have no skin in the game. They were hired because of their skill at their craft, and it’s highly unlikely that natural selection would yield people who are botkih skilled writers and who want to warn the U.S. public not to doubt its government. So I suspect that the lines were interjected in the drama from outside sources.

Who? From where? I have no clue. This I know, however: There are only a half-dozen companies that own all of our media, and there is no variety among them. They all spout the same lies as news, they all use stupid pretty faces on the screen to seriously tell us what serious events are happening in the world. Right now, for instance, all American media outlets, news and entertainment, are telling us that the Russians have invaded Ukraine and the Vladimir Putin is an evil man. That appears to be a lie. Sources closer to the action over there say otherwise, that there’s no evidence of any such troop presence of invasion, and Putin is highly regarded all over the planet outside our bubble.

Whether true or false, in a free media environment, there would be perhaps one skeptical voice saying “Wait, where’s the evidence?” There is not. All speak with one voice.

That speaks of heavy-handed control. I am not in the least surprised. Television is a powerful tool in the hands of the state, as it lulls viewers into a state of somnambulism and high suggestibility. No way does that tool escape control, no way are Americans allowed to see anything but approved opinions via that medium.

Those of us who have seen the evidence around 9/11, and I am boldly speaking for all of us skeptical ones, are deeply troubled by the nature of the event. Yes, there were real deaths and real explosions, and buildings really did evaporate before our eyes. But most of it was made-for-TV. There were no planes, but by the time we were told that one such phantom plane had hit the Pentagon, the idea was so firmly planted in our minds that we did not even have to see it. We never have seen it. We are also told that the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania (the “Let’s Roll” fable) went into an abandoned coal mine, and sunk into the ground leaving behind no airplane parts. That’s utterly absurd, and yet that is the power of suggestion coupled with the hypnotic effect of TV. People don’t doubt it.

They would doubt it, easily so, if one credible doubting voice were ever allowed to speak on TV. But there are gates and walls around it. Any who say anything contrary to official truth are disciplined, or, as Charley Sheen learned, out of work.

Andrea Mitchell knew right on that day that Osama was the perp. She's really good.
Andrea Mitchell knew right on that day that Osama was the perp. She’s really good.
What is so troubling is threefold, one that it speaks of immense power of mind control to get away with such ludicrous fables as the official 9/11 one; and two, that there were many people involved in planning the event beforehand. Three is most upsetting – that they know our minds so well. They know how to do mass suggestion, and make it stick. I am not speaking of the pretty stupid people who read their scripts before TV cameras, as they are most likely clueless. I am talking about corporate executives, well-connected reporters like Andrea Mitchell (wife of Alan Greenspan), and government, military and intelligence officials at all levels.

After an event of that magnitude follows a cover-up, and fear is endemic among those who know the event was a lie. These are quite a different group than those who had foreknowledge. These are frightened people who know to shut up. They are guilty of nothing more than accessory after-the-fact, and with good reason. They need jobs, and also like being alive.

The cover-up of the murder of JFK has been going on now for fifty years. There are still no media voices who doubt official truth. There’s never been a credible official investigation. Fear is so inculcated in our media that even if there were smart people incidentally having pretty faces giving us our news, they would know to shut up. This is a powerful regime of thought control, and escape is virtually impossible. Occasionally we see a movie like Wag the Dog or Invasion do the Body Snatchers that attempt to smuggle some truth our way, but on television, there is none of that. Ever. Occasionally, and this may never be seen again, a bold effort is made to give us the truth directly, as did Oliver Stone with his movie JFK. That was 23 years ago, and there’s been nothing like it since. Hollywood is completely submerged now, and is even an official outlet for lies and fables, as the award-winning and god-awful movie Argo demonstrates. (You get no links from me on that piece of crap.)

So when I see a minor and certifiably crazy character on a made-for-TV drama with high production values and budget doubting official truth, I know it is no accident. We are being sent a subliminal message: Only crazy people doubt our government. It’s just reinforcement. If the character were a normal person of intelligence and possessing some pattern recognition and problem solving skills, he would not be given those lines.

One thought on “Stupid pretty faces

  1. An equal number knew from our media that the one-party system in the USSR controlled all. That was bad. That same one-party control, with our NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. police state is good? Willful ignorance abounds.


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