Golden apples

A wonderful gal, married to my cousin, sent me the above YouTube. She’s a reader and ponderer and has traveled the waters of doubt and deceit, as have I, so I took time to watch it. (There’s a lot of disinformation and deliberate deceit in the YouTube world, just like every other nook of American media. Nothing is untended in our garden of lies.)

The first words to come to my mind after watching it were “golden apple.” Let me explain. Dan Rather was a mostly useless apparatchik in American news, but in 2004, late in his career and perhaps believing his own press clippings, he got brave. Presented with the ” “Killian documents”, he went forward with a report detailing George. W. Bush’s AWOL status during his military service in the National Guard.

Not too long after airing, the Killian documents were revealed by a blogger to have been typed on an instrument that was not available in 1972. They were forgeries.

The entire Rather/Killian episode was an intelligence covert op, and it ended Rather’s career. More importantly, the Killian documents were a golden apple, or planted evidence. The exposure was well-planned, the blogger* either manipulated or actually in on it. The overall effect: All reporters knew from that day forward never to mess with Bush’s service records.

There’s a lot of that in our news, reports from supposedly “independent” sources that make stories seem credible. The key to its effectiveness is that we have to stumble on such evidence by our own efforts. It cannot be handed to us. This makes skepticism about regular news a minefield. Even as we know the mainstream is lying to us, intelligence agencies also go to great lengths to give us false leads and evidence, just to keep us confused.

The “Pentagon Papers” are, in my view, a golden apple. That’s another story. To a far higher level of deceit, Edward Snowden is performing the golden apple function. He appears to be rogue and speaking out of school. He is telling secrets and yet … not telling us anything new, and telling us exactly nothing about the most important events of our times. What is his function? As with the Pentagon Papers, it is the “limited hangout,” telling small truths as a way to conceal large ones. He keeps our eyes off the ball.

I first encountered the term “golden apple” via Jim Garrison, the district attorney in New Orleans who investigated the JFK assassination. As I look back on his work, I realize what a smart man he was.** His image should be on our postage stamps and dollar bills. He was an honest man! He took on the entire intelligence establishment and the U.S. media to boot. He wondered toward the end of his life if it had all been worth it. Would be not have been better off just letting that dog sleep? He was so abused during his life, and yet he did get one small reward – in the movie of 23 years ago, JFK, Oliver Stone cast him in the role of Earl Warren.

Anyway, back to the video: I know that subliminal suggestion is part of advertising. We’ve all heard that they used to splice movie pre-rolls with the words “Drink Coke.” How effective was (or is) it? I don’t know. That’s proprietary information, buried deep in the bowels of ad agencies. I do know this: Advertisers spend billions of dollars making their products. They do it because advertising works. Really well. The beating heart of every ad agency is the behavioral psychology team. They craft the message, and the rest of the agency is on board to embed that message in those three things they have found effective in selling products: Humor, sex, and fear.

So was our government sending us a subliminal message all those years when TV stations used to sign off playing the national anthem off every night? Here it is as revealed by this YouTube:


I suppose so. It’s possible. It could also be planted evidence designed to make people who fall for it look stupid when we find out it was a hoax. That would make it a Killian scam.

It wasn’t but a few hours after the CIA was created, put together of remnants of the American OSS and Nazi SS, that the agency went rogue. By the time Bill Casey came on board in 1981, they had managed to infiltrate American media, placing moles and disinformation agents at every critical junction. At his first staff meeting after he took over, Casey was quoted as saying

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Mission accomplished, I suppose. But is the video above real, or a golden apple? I don’t know. If real, it is clumsy. They are better at persuasion than that. Way better.
*Having a lowly blogger do the big reveal was classic CIA sting. It adds credibility.
** RFK, as I understand, sent a private courier to Garrison during the investigation saying that he was watching closely but could not speak publicly, and would reopen the JFK investigation after he became president. Garrison thought that was foolish, that Bobby needed to go loud, as keeping secrets endangered his life. He said that once you are public with information, they can no longer kill you to silence you. (They might kill you anyway just as a STFU example, but what are you gonna do?) Bobby did not listen. However, and this is what I call the Kennedy Curse, that whole family has to shut up about everything, as they all know that if they say anything in public they might run into a large pond or a tree or their small aircraft might disappear into the ocean. So I look at RFK’s 11 children all doing good work and staying silent, and admire them deeply.

8 thoughts on “Golden apples

      1. The guys walks through how he went from believing the conventional story, to understanding how the public was duped. Basically, he looks at the evidence for controlled demolition using nano thermite to come to the conclusion that airplanes did not cause the collapse of the WTC. Pretty well done, and he doesn’t go out on any limbs grasping for evidence, nor does he pin the blame on anybody, except for the insinuation that it is beyond the U.S. government, though done with its complicity.

        Basically two stories: 1) piecing through the veil and looking for evidence, and allowing the evidence to drive the search for the truth, no matter what the conclusion might be and its personal consequences; and 2) that nano thermite is responsible for a controlled demolition.

        It is a well done documentary.


        1. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth was formed within a couple of months of Dr. Judy Wood suing NIST for science fraud in their description if the demise of WTC 1 and 2 (7 would not come until much later). If you mention the name Judy Wood to A&E people, they blacklist you. You become persona non grata. The coincidence of timing suggests that A&E was formed as a mis/disinformation group to lead people away from Dr. Wood.

          But who the hell ever knows. Wood could be a golden apple, a government op herself. The fact that she is still alive does not work in her favor.

          However, she has by means of scientific evidence shown that the buildings could not have collapsed on their own, and that there is is not enough debris for a controlled demolition to have taken place. Nano thermite is a mere cutting/welding tool, and would have to have been brought in such quantity that truck loads of semis would have lined the streets of Manhattan while it was being put in. And then again, even with nano thermites in such amazing quantity, there is not enough debris.

          Read Dr. Wood on Steven Jones and nanos when you get a moment. She takes him back to 1988 and the sliming of Pons and Fleischman.

          So yes, this film is probably a false lead, designed to take you away from, and not toward what really happened that day.

          On a side note, Thierry Meysson did an insightful piece on the anniversary, which I just saw today. Well worth a read. He suggests that we are wasting our time in the ‘how’ it was done. I have to post this and then go get the link and edit the comment to insert it. Brb.


          1. I looked at the voltairenet article, but the picture of the guy who wrote it at the top reminded me of an arab terrist, so I ignored the rest of it. jk.

            Meysson’s article fills in another piece of the puzzle. Hooper’s documentary uses the metaphor of a puzzle, where we don’t have a picture of what it is finally going to look like while we’re trying to put it together.

            As to the quantity of material needed for nano thermite, Hooper talks about the elevator “renovations” being done in the month leading up to 9/11 that could have been cover for the prep for explosive, and the presence of many truckloads of unknown materials being unloaded in the days right before 9/11 to pack them.

            There’s so many competing theories, or (pseudo?) evidence that it is still hard to pick out the main thread of what happened. What is readily apparent though, is that the official report is false, and is a cover up. That is the main thing that people need to know: that the government is lying to them. Then they can begin to figure out why.


  1. Here we go getting caught up in the how, even as I take Thierry to heart when the important matter at hand is that it was a coup d’etat, and that the same faces were put back in power that night with a new policy, still being carried out to this day.

    Dr. Steve Jones, the nanothermite guy, has two strikes against him in my view, one that he quashed the Pons/Fleishman experiments back in the 80’s. He originated the term “cold fusion” to describe it, and did so as a means of discrediting their work. (Gary Taubes, who I rely on for nutrition science, had a role in that too.) The other is that he has not told us that finding the elements of “thermitic materials” in debris is common in all buildings that are made of aluminum and iron, the two ingredients in thermite. That they are there proves nothing. That appears deliberately deceitful.

    And anyway, it’s a moot point, as unless you are saying that thermite was used to burn two 100-story skyscrapers and vaporize the building materials, you have not explained why the materials were not present in the debris. All that the thermite might have been used for would have been to make critical cuts in support structures.

    Here’s a three-minute clip from Dr. Wood, make of it what you will:


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