Sundry in Ecuador

imageSitting here in our hotel in Quito with lots of time on our hands … it is a very big city and my wife is a little under the weather. We’ve watched some old movies, which are a treat, and even sat through half of Mrs. Doubtfire in Spanish because Robin Williams simply owns the screen no matter the words spoken. (John Wayne had that power, others too but names do not come to mind.) imageWe watched the movie Silverado too, with young Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum, Bryan Donahee, and Kevin Costner in what was called a “breakout” role for him. Man, he was a stud at 22 or so, and could ride a horse like a circus professional.

imageToday we meet our 18 companions for the next twelve days in the Galapagos, so I have a little social anxiety, having to be at my best and a good travleling companion during that time. If I am like everyone, and I am sure I am in this regard, meeting new people, remembering names, trying not to be self-conscious or self-absorbed through it all, is draining.

imageI also got into a debate at the KHOW link, a Denver radio station, where they were discussing a teacher’s decision not to use the 9/11 Commission Report in class. I thought it more appropriate for a creative writing class, and then the usual ensued, name calling, ridicule, stupidity. People want to be shown and convinced, and my attitude is that this is not my job. Why should I do their due diligence for them? And then I am told that I am not going to bring anyone around if I don’t play nice. What an asylum this country is, as if I had the power to change minds in the face of the American news and entertainment complex.

imageSo I closed out with this, which I realized was also appropriate for here and all those who tell me I’ve got to be softer and nicer to win people over:

TV is reality for Americans. No matter how illogical or contrary to nature, if it is read from a script by a credible person, if an image is shown, people believe it. 9/11 was a very large and sophisticated military/intelligence/psychological operation, a mass media snuff film. If you have no background in such matters, if you trust news and entertainment, you are basically helpless in its face. It is too powerful.

I only ask that you not attack those of us for whom the magic show did not work as being fools, mentally unstable, or overly affected by suggestion. We are actually the few who live outside of TV ‘reality,’ who still control our own minds. We are perhaps 5-20% (?) of the population, probably closer to five. We are keen observers, and do not let contradiction slip by unnoticed. It has always been so, thus the fable of the emperor and his clothing.

imageNapoleon observed that most people do not want to be free, that freedom was reserved to a few people “of noble mind.” He also noted with detached interest that men were willing to die for ribbons. That is the human condition. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind, as I do not have that ability. I’m only trying to connect with the one or two here whom Napoleon would not have been able to enlist to die for a piece of cloth.

Scattered about are photos taken here And there on our trip, just for the hell of it.

4 thoughts on “Sundry in Ecuador

  1. City parks are buzzing on weekends with art, music, food, wares, etc. All trolly/bus lines pass them all, up one side, back on the other. Dig it.


    1. Spent a good part of today on Amazonas, bicycles only, and then the park across the way and the market and art. Bought some small works to frame for my kids when we get back. Just got back in, as it is getting wild out there, tension in the air. Nothing bad going on, just don’t want to be 6′ gringo when the excitement starts.


  2. Mark, I still find your Grand Unified Theory of human Experience to be overly general, unscientifically negative and you are far too forgiving when a lack of skepticism agrees with your point of view. However …

    I was informed by a co-worker today that we were ‘told’ 4 or 5 years ago that Ebola was airborn, so …

    I’m glad you turned your comments back on, even though it does appear to be your turn on the spam wheel. And I do truly hope you are having an amazing time. Though I can’t speak to the similarity of analogy, I can tell you that I have never felt as relaxed and ‘at home’ as walking at night in a city known for corruption and crime, New Orleans. I think the ‘tension’ actually added to my comfort, though that’s not strictly speaking “normal”.


    1. This city may have parts like that, but there was just a wildness in the air, perhaps related to futball. The day started with a huge gathering in the park across the street, bands, fireworks, so I assume it was futball and that I was as safe as in Denver after a Bronco win. But we opted to turn in for the night. But Steve is right, the park was alive with artists and street performers and hawkers, quite lively.

      My problem with what you call my grand unified theory is that it is not that. I only focus on things that are big lies and deceptions, and do not focus on those things that are not. In terms of the US, our news, advertising, entertainment, politics and public relations are all designed to create an alternative reality, keep us mushroomed. Wait, that does sound like a GUT. never mind.

      Here in Ecuador, not like that at all. U.S. is a different kind of place, that’s all, like Nazi Germany, USSR, our leaders have chosen to drench us in agitprop for their own designs. It cannot be reversed, as constant agitprop does lead to an addled population.


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