Ebola = agitprop

I have long passed the point where I tremble in fear on command. I have long passed the point where I grant credibility to the pretty talking heads of the American media. News in the US is state-controlled, heavily censored and filtered. Its purpose is to direct our attention away from things that we need to know.

When there is a big and important event that cannot be suppressed or ignored, there is perhaps a 24-hour window in which real news will slip through. This was true in 1963, when Lee Harvey Oswald was allowed to tell a national audience that he was “just a patsy,” and when a Dallas sheriff deputy held up a German Mauser found in the book depository. After that the state news managers clamp down, stories disappear, official truth takes over.

That was 1963. I am tempted to say that it is so bad now that it must have been better then, that we must have had better news then, but we did not. We now have more and better resources, and individual initiative can take a person further quicker than then. But most Americans passively absorb rather than actively seek, so things have not changed an iota.

We are now at a point where news coming out of the Mideast can be set aside as useless. None of it is true. It is all misdirection. There are various diligent astute observers who are part of reporting networks who are trying to smuggle truth to us. But of course it is a minefield. So it is left to us to assemble information and try to fit together a puzzle with many missing pieces. It’s the best we can do. It is frustrating, unsatisfying, and so often leads to wrong conclusions that the temptation is to give it up.

But that is not an option. Meanwhile, we have our distractions and contrived fear campaigns, and Ebola is one. It is not a big deal, that is, getting it is probably fatal, but like so many other deadly bacteria out there, a healthy immune system usually thwarts them before they can gain a foothold. In those places where it thrives we usually see poor infrastructure, bad water and living conditions, and a generally distressing situation. There but for the grace of God …

Right now they are trying to scare us. It will work. Always does. It will dominate news for a while. If they are pointing us to it, they are pointing us away from other things, and that is where we should focus our concentrations.

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