Journalist working on UN/ISIS link murdered, work disappears

Serina Chehina, rest in peace and job well done.
Serina Chehina, rest in peace and job well done.
One issue that I daily confront is the naïveté by which most consumers of what we call “news” assume that the pasty-faced reporters who give it to us are themselves well-versed enough to understand what they report. They are, by and large, even less studied in world events than their readers. Their craft is a dull one, and they intuitively know their limits. They have accordingly set their minds in passive mode.

Much works to reinforce them in their smugness, including selection bias. Those reporters who survive in the job do so because they lack curiosity and are easily satisfied with mediocre work. But to advance in the profession requires more, an innate sense of where power lies and the intelligence not to mess with it.

My shining example is Tom Brokaw, essentially a stupid man, but one with an outer demeanor that inspired trust. It is that feature that made him famous and allowed him to drive expensive luxury vehicles to his ranch on the West Boulder River of Montana, where he awaited the call to “report” those stories that power wanted reported. His only real talent – he seemed trustworthy. Beyond that, he was a stenographer.

Real journalists are dying now in the current wars, many killed by the Kiev regime, a couple by ISIS, and now this:

Journalist Serena Chehim had announced she was working on a report including videos showing the involvement of the World Food Programme in transporting jihadists of the Islamic Emirate (Daesh) between Turkey and Syria.

However, this story will never be released. The journalist died after her car was hit by a heavy vehicle on the Syrian border; her cameraman was seriously injured and the video tapes have vanished.

Serena Chehim was a dual Lebanese-US national. She worked for the Iranian news channel Press TV.

Those dullards who presume to be skeptical news consumers know not to trust Press TV because it is an Iranian source. I’ve said many times now, because it is screamingly obvious, that ISIS is a western creation. I too am surprised that Western powers have enlisted the UN to support them as well, but then realize that power at this advanced stage can coerce and infiltrate any body of its choosing.

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