Serious evil doings in store, to be carried out by ISIS on behalf of Washington

I have hours to kill here, waiting in our hotel for a ride to the airport later this evening. Ergo, the blog is afire today.
Right after the initial assault in Iraq in 2003, when the Bush Administration was in Mission Accomplished mode, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld very pointedly threatened Syria with a “you’re next” warning, telling them not to mess with the Iraq. Rumsfeld was full swagger and ripe with imperial hubris due to what was only perceived success in Iraq.

I don’t have clarity of vision into the future. So far I only know that the attack eventually launched on Syria by Western imperialists had to be done under cover of an outside-supported fake internal uprising. It was a bloody, costly war, killing hundreds of thousands, but Syrian nationalist forces prevailed and the terrorist forces had to fall back and regroup. US intended to bomb Syria into oblivion following the false flag chemical attack of 2013, blamed on the Assad government, but Russian intervention stopped them. The terrorists were rearmed with American weapons, trained by Saudi Arabia and, supported by Turkey as well, and are now labeled by the imperialists as “ISIS.”

That part is complicated, as most of those fighters, just like most Americans, think ISIS is real and perhaps that they are fighting a just cause. Soldiers generally ain’t none too bright, ours or “theirs.” CIA by this time has formed a world force of embedded terrorists and is very good at instigating color revolutions and jihadist movements. Al Qaeda itself was a CIA creation. (Real power is on display here as CIA, amidst the conflicts it has spawned in Ukraine and the Middle East, even while playing a God in Brazil and Venezuela, is now going after China via the Hong Kong instigations. Good grief!)

So the modus operandi in the Middle East has now shifted from overt attack to covert warfare using local terrorists to achieve Western objectives. There is heavy use of US military equipment to support ISIS, and US air attacks appear intended to prevent Syrian forces from reaching and rescuing the Syrian Kurds, thereby enabling a massacre of perhaps 300,000 people. This is either going on now or soon hereafter, and will not be reported in American news, just as the true dimensions of the Iraq massacre escaped notice here.

It’s difficult to sit here and describe just how evil their country has become. It happened gradually over 66 years. I know that people cannot accept it and prefer instead to be given the mushroom treatment (kept in the dark and fed shit).

It wasn’t always like this, but in 1948, with formation of the CIA, a virus was injected into government. Never intended by law to be involved in covert operations, CIA has by deceit and treachery embedded itself in every branch of government. Most Special Forces (Seals, Green Berets) actually work for CIA, so it has its own military units. It has its own source of finance, runs hundreds of proprietary companies and has full transportation at its disposal, from cargo jets down to PT boats. It employs undercover agents in all branches of government. George H.W. Bush was inadvertently exposed as a CIA agent by J Edgar Hoover after the JFK assassination.

People in government are intimidated, never knowing who to trust, and understandably don’t try to fight this force within. Meanwhile, CIA runs mercenary forces operating as private companies. NGO’s such as Agency for International Development and National Endowment for Democracy are CIA fronts. CIA knocked off presidents in 1963, 1974 and 1981, and threatened one with impeachment in 1998/99 to get its way. It wrote its own history … cleansing itself of instigating Vietnam and Laos and of drug running and killing JFK … via the Pentagon Papers gambit. It staged the events of 9/11/01 to mobilize US public support behind its wars. Perhaps its most important milestone was installation of George H.W. Bush as president in 1988, giving him the key to the vault, opening every door of every department to CIA infestation via presidential appointment. That was a coup de grâce.

Its preferred mode is to operate behind the scenes, allowing us the fiction of elected government so as to keep us occupied with meaningless politics, imagined self-government. Politics matters in that sense. It is important that we believe in our elections. The best kind of coup is the one where the military steps in, takes over, defines policy, and the allows civilians back in place to carry it out. But civilians sometimes get out of line, so memory-jogging minor coups are necessary from time to time, which is why we had them in 1974, 1981, 1999, 2000, and the big one, 2001.

And yet, it is no more than an “Agency.” CIA does not initiate policy, but neither do our elected officials or their appointees. That is coming from higher up, the government inside the government, the offices in skyscrapers on Wall Street and elsewhere where true power resides. It is not the servants, but rather the owners of the banks, the media, and the government who direct policy.

We have not had a real president or true representative government since 1963. Lyndon Johnson understood what was in play when he cowered out of office in 1968. He knew that if he used presidential power to stop the Vietnam War, he’s be ceremonially placed in the ground alongside JFK. The only hope at forestalling the full force of the coup d’état of 1963 was the election of Bobby Kennedy, murdered in 1968. Our country is nothing like people think it is.

This is what Andrzej Łobaczewski was writing about in his book Political Ponerology, how evil injects itself and spreads in government until such a time that the whole enterprise is so corrupt that it can only die of its own evil, as did the Nazis. We cannot kill it. It is too big, too powerful. I see now how it works.

Lobaczewski drew on his experiences in Poland and the USSR to explain the origins of aggressive war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and despotism as we are seeing on full display now in the Middle East.

So it appears, given this background and knowledge of the kind of people now in power in our country, that the switch from US military forces to ISIS presaged something truly evil in store for the poor and long-suffering schmucks who live in Iraq and Syria, possibly Lebanon too, eventually Iran. They are redrawing the map, removing pesky local populations that interfere with objectives. Mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing of historic proportions are underway, and the US agents behind it want it kept as distant as possible from US forces so that Americans are not held directly responsible. It’s them crazy, evil Muslims doing it. Not us.

Hence the fiction of “ISIS.” It is truly bestial Enterprise, but is no more than the trained attack dogs that are on a Washington leash. The source of this amazing and historic evil force is here, in the US, in Langley, Virginia, and those who pull its chains.

This is World War IV, as much as I want to deny that it is happening before my eyes. Empires in contraction are dangerous enterprises.

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