Catching us asleep

SK directed us all to a link, 6 Brainwashing Techniques They’re Using On You Right Now on another blog last week. These are the six techniques listed:

  • #6. Chanting Slogans.
  • #5. Slipping Bullshit Into Your Subconscious
  • #4. Controlling What You Watch and Read
  • #3. Keeping You In Line With Shame
  • #2. Black and White Choices
  • #1. “Us vs. Them”

There’s enough there for all of us, so I won’t offer that these techniques work on some of us better than others. #4, for example, translates into “I read only sources I trust.” #5 is about the power of suggestion, or implanting ideas in our minds via back door channels.

We’re all manipulated by media in one form or another. It is when we reach a point of hubris (the state of being of the typical American journalist) that we are most vulnerable.

The author of the piece, David Wong, likely feels that he’s above the battle because he is able to spot these manipulations. He’s not. He’s been taken down via #5, though he’d be the last to know that. He should have listed the following:

  • #7. “Maybe they get to you, but not to me.”

7 thoughts on “Catching us asleep

    1. Marketing is very damned sophisticated, far beyond the examples in your link. The best example, Apple. We all became annoyed when Apple computer owners would get all arrogant about the product. But somehow advertising had convinced them that not only was it a superior product, but that they were smarter people because they owned Apples, priced twice as high as the competition. Apple owners were behaving like a cult.

      Here’s where it gets personal. I bought a Mac. I found it hard to use, just as slow as a PC, and that it did things differently just to be different. This allowed my stepson, who is in advertising, to say to me “So, advertising doesn’t work, right?” My only possible response, checkmate, was “Yeah, they got me. Totally.”

      I gave the Mac to my wife and went back to the PC, half the price, every bit as good, in terms of “good” in our advertising-driven culture.


  1. “The secret they won’t tell you”
    “The CIA’s criminal and anti-American torture activities is far from the only secret Washington has kept from the rest of the country. One of the biggest is that the dismantling of New Deal and Great Society politics by GOP Lite Democrats such as Clinton and Obama has been disaster. The Republicans won’t tell you because they’re having too much fun. The Democrats won’t tell you because it’s too embarrassing. And the media won’t tell you because it hasn’t been told it’s all right to do so.” – Sam Smith

    I doubt Senator Tester is embarrassed. If rank and file Democrats shake out the cobwebs, he may have to switch parties to win in 2018. Could he win the Republican primary in Montana? Who could beat him?


    1. key words … “Acting as a Republican Trojan Horse in the bowels of the Democratic machinery, the DLC claims …”

      I have been saying for years that because Democrats only care about winning elections, it is far too easy for a liar to run as a Democrat and win support of the base. That’s all Tester is, a Republican and a liar.

      The article you link also notes that modern Democrats, had they existed in the 60’s, would not have opposed the war and the draft, etc, but instead would have run symbolic liberals, like Joan Baez, for president and shot their wad in that manner. I don’t know about that, but it does highlight the idea that issues matter, and candidates are only flimsy containers for issues, not to be trusted.


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