Torture Report: Classic Bullshit

All U.S. citizens, vigilant and regular, need to take some time now with the release of the 6,000 page Torture Report to ignore that report and review the following:

Limited hangout: A limited hangout, or partial hangout, is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details.

If I understand the report correctly, and I am not going to waste my time reviewing the details (which are well-known around the world), the abuses of the Bush era are exposed in this report, and an executive order by Obama ended the practice.

Bullshit. The purpose of the report then would not be to expose wrongdoing (or punish anyone), but rather to provide a sense of closure. In effect they are saying that the era of torture is ended.

Bullshit. That is a classic limited hangout.

17 thoughts on “Torture Report: Classic Bullshit

  1. Torture may no longer be necessary with the advent of NSA’s congressional-blackmail campaign and Obama’s “hit list.” Drone strikes and outsourced (foreign nationals) assassins leave less evidence behind, and little or no possiblility for accountability back home. Perfect “plausible deniability” situation for Congress, who funds the operation, and Obama’s team who order from the menu offered by various nationa security agencies.


  2. The report may signal a “closure” but I think that in addition, it is another in a long stream of “numbing” down the electorate. Who is really going to read the report? Not me. There are no surprises, nothing to learn. The truth is far worse than what a mere 400 or so pages, heavily redacted, summarized out of a 6,000 page full report, will reveal. People have been numbed by the prevalence of violence — fake tv and MSM-hyped real violence — so much, that they care less and less about the actions of their government (military and police).

    Nothing will change. The U.N. said each country involved needs to investigate its own part (a hearty cheer went up in government houses and spook bins around the world!). No U.N.-sponsored, or other international form of tribunal will investigate.

    It’s a whitewash, through and through. The U.S. will appoint another commission, Congress will have another “investigation” and another report will be written, summarized and redacted. What really continues to occur will slip out accidentally, or via a “subversive” media.



    1. I never watched an eposode of ’24’, but knew without thinking that it was designed to enhance the state of fear that already existed. That it justified torture doesn’t surprise me, as news and entertainment are one in this country.

      Is it true, do you know, that on 24 the fake US had a black president?


      1. What’s “24”? I don’t have a tv, and have watched very little commercial tv in ages.

        I quit watching cable news when Chris Matthews got a zing up his leg covering Obama in ’08. “News”-casters getting hard-ons over politicians was just TMI.


        1. 24 was a show they ran after 9/11 that had Kiefer Sutherland running all over trying to stop terrorists from attacking us, often using torture to good effect. And I never watched one episode. Just my impressions.


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