Is that all there is?

I spent three hours last Saturday at a meeting run by local labor to promote a single payer health system in Colorado. The speaker, brought in from Detroit, was smart, interesting and on top of his game. He understood concepts like “rent seeking'” quite rare. There were about thirty people in the audience. In this brain-dead country, that’s a lot.

In Q&A I mentioned how in Montana we were at the mercy of the Public Relations industry, always behind the eight ball, as they killed us with short and pithy slogans like “death panels” and “government run” and “tax increases,” all false but so damned effective. I suggested that we study this, that we needed some slogans of our own. The speaker agreed, said they knew this.

Here’s one they came up with, a poster on the wall:

Medicare Yes.
Insurance companies No.”

That’s about as bland as they could have made it*. Even substituting the word “cartel” for companies would help, but these people don’t seem to have much in the way of creative juices. They are bound to lose.

Here’s the kicker. The meeting lasted three hours, I met some folks, 29 to be precise. For all of our sitting and listening, they did not ask anything of us. No outreach, community contact, even little things like letters and phone calls. We just listened and went home.

Yeah. That’ll work. Way to go, labor.
*The speaker said that there is a poster in the labor temple in Detroit that says “The bosses get two parties. Why can’t we have one?” That might be more effective if not kept in the basement. I suspect they are fearful of offending Democrats.

5 thoughts on “Is that all there is?

    1. They are talking legislation, foolish in my view, but there was no broader discussion. In my view, since the political system is corrupt, it is pointless to try to use it for reform. But if there is no creativity, all they can think to do is rinse and repeat.


  1. In my view, since the political system is corrupt, it is pointless to try to use it for reform.

    This is like a guy complaining about his car. It still gets him where he wants to go, and he is not about to give it up and start walking everywhere.

    You have pretty much gotten what you want from the political process: the regulatory state; the custodial state; the victim grievance state.

    You want single payer health care, and gov’t agencies must pay 1/2 or more of medical bills; while the current arrangement is for insurance companies to collect taxes for the gov’t in service to this goal. You don’t like the details, but it is called the narcissism of small differences.

    You want gov’t mandated union membership, but that is currently trumped by immigration, so I’m sorry you can’t have everything, but there is always next week.


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