A November miracle

During our travels I am reading Joseph McBride’s self-published Into the Nightmare, an account of his lifetime pursuit of truth surrounding the murder of John F. Kennedy. We have some things in common – Catholic education, youthful naïveté, and yet an inability to accept the contradictions in our face even back in the 1960’s. But at this point I am merely looking to see if anything new has been uncovered. McBride has interviewed people heretofore not located or ignored, and has some surprising findings.

In addition, McBride has made me aware of yet another miracle.

Miracles are not unusual during important events. On 9/11 laws of physics were suspended, allowing aluminum aircraft to disappear unhindered into steel buildings. And of course we know that on 11/22/63 laws of motion regarding behavior of bullets were put on hold. Also on that day a German Mauser 7.65 rifle magically transformed into a 6.5 Mannlicher Carcano, a water-into-wine event often overlooked in our worship of official truth.

McBride has made me aware of yet another miracle back in 1963. His research focuses on the murder of officer JD Tippit. It is evident that event is a Rosetta Stone of sorts. Tippit, by indications and appearances, was involved in a manhunt, but not the official one. Rather, he was part of a team that was to hunt down and kill Lee Harvey Oswald. This was in motion even before the police knew to look for him, as Oswald (officially) did not come to police attention until he was (wrongly) suspected to be the man who murdered the “poor dumb cop*,” Tippit.

The plan was to murder the president, have a manhunt, murder Oswald, have closure. But Oswald escaped the manhunt and made his way to a hastily arranged meeting at a movie theater, only then to be swarmed by police (who apparently were tipped off about the meeting). For reasons I do not understand, he was not murdered at the theater. (A minor miracle, I suppose, Oswald appears in transformed state, perhaps an apparition: Two Oswald’s were seen leaving the theater that day, one through the front door, one out the alley exit. Maybe that has something to do with it. Was Oswald meeting with his doppelgänger?)

But another miracle was in the works, and we would all witness it. It is this: Lee Harvey Oswald managed to survive for two more days while in custody of the Dallas Police (!) before being murdered in an obviously prearranged encounter with Jack Ruby.

Praised be Allah. Hal’lúkah. The Lord be with us, watch over all of us, forgive us our sins. Our God operates in mysterious ways.
*According to one eyewitness to the shooting, those words were uttered by the shooter as he left the scene.
PS: Joseph McBride is far more thorough than me, and meticulous too. My own impressions recorded above are not subject to such scrutiny as his by his peers, and so have a ring of certainty about them that is unwarranted. In truth, I am only certain that the official version of the incident is utterly without merit. Here’s McBride, page 457:

The best that we can come up with at this point late point is eliminating certain suspects and theories, and evaluating various other theories about how the murder might have taken place. Though that will stop short of certainty, it allows us a somewhat clearer picture of the Tippit murder, a key event that has remained obscure for too long. The list of problems preventing a solution is lengthy: failure to collect sufficient evidence at the scene; lost evidence; planted evidence and perhaps planted “witnesses”; failure to interview actual witnesses; intimidation and even murder of witnesses; systematic suppression of information by the police and the U.S. government; and perhaps the most offensive, a seeming official indifference to the importance of this aspect of the [JFK] case and the slain officer himself.

21 thoughts on “A November miracle

  1. I’m looking for a cause to which I can become a lackey and sycophant. I’m considering the conspiracy theory world. The problems I have with it are:

    )there are multiple threads to follow. It would seem things would begin to converge after awhile.

    )there are as many holes in the proposed alternatives than in the official line.

    )the personnel in the genre often have quirks that overshadow the scholarship.


    1. As to your first point, it is true, you do have to use your brain.

      As to your second point, utterly false. You’ve obviously never looked at any evidence.

      As to your third point, such observations are generally made by people who have not used their brains or looked at the evidence.

      You can solve this crime, Fred! Millions of other have. It was essentially solved back in the 60’s. What scares you?


    2. You can solve this crime, Fred! Millions of other have.

      Comes the hour, comes the man. Why don’t the millions rise up, empower some leaders, and prosecute the wrongdoers? Probably because there is less there than you think.


      1. Darting, dodging, weaving, ducking, refusing to look at the evidence. You’re scared of what you might find, I suppose. That’s why they got away with it. People are just like you. People don’t want to believe our country is just like every other country, run by thugs. America is exceptional, we are told. Look into this crime, Fred, and your eyes will be opened. That’s rare. Few have the balls to do that. Few transcend the barrier of fear.


      2. We ask you to lay out the narrative, and you say, “I’m not going to do that for you. You have to look for yourself.”

        That is just a dodge.

        The accounts and books you discuss here are full of cryptic references and urges for future research into this and that strange occurrence, and nobody named with enough responsibility to be held accountable.

        I discount 90% of this stuff. But, there is the other 10%…


        1. Since you’ve never read the accounts and books, I have to discount 90% of your opinions on them.

          This notion that if I don’t believe the government’s bullshit story that I have to solve the crime myself is illogical. I don’t have the resources to pry open CIA and FBI and DPD and ONI records, or to subpoena people, as should have been done in 1963.

          Generally when people who read nothing and know nothing tell me I have to bring information to them, I tell them to fuck off, as I know they are not really interested. My evidence: everything I know they could easily find for themselves if they were interested.


          1. There’s an interesting investigation in David Lifton’s Best Evidence, and James Douglass eschews details and paints a large narrative in JFK and the Unspeakable. I urge you to place these books on that long list of those you have not read.


        2. Thanks for considering my 10%.

          I’m gathering more reading lists than I have life, but as a first step I went to the Amazon discussion board on the Lifton book. The five star reviews go, “THIS is the book. Forget the other alternative explanations of the JFK assassination. They have too many holes. This one gives us the most plausible explanation” while the one star reviews and discussion raise some concerns. The body tampered with in a major way, then returned for an official autopsy? Seems rather fantastical.


          1. Wow. I never thought for a second you’d look at even a book cover, so I suppose going to Amazon to read reviews is progress. You came within an inch of being exposed to evidence!

            Lifton’s work comes from the late 80’s, as he is one of the pioneer critics of the Warren Commission. He just kept asking questions, would not let go, and had a major breakthrough. He discovered by interviewing witnesses and employees and technicians that there were two casket arrivals at Bethesda, two autopsies, and that the autopsy photographs are fraudulent. In fact, one of the lab technicians was astounded when he walked down a hallway, as he saw Mrs. Kennedy, RFK and the casket coming in the front door. He had just developed photographs of the corpse taken during the first autopsy. Another would follow. The first one was unofficial.

            And it had to be that way. JFK was shot from front and side, yet the autopsy had to support the lone gunman three bullet from behind scenario. So they altered the body.

            Good thing you ducked.


          2. But there are witnesses that testify otherwise, such as David Powers in the linked comment.

            And if the conspiracy is so deep and strong, why go to the pretense of altering the body? Just publish the results you want. Such alterations run the risk of going badly/being found out. These things seem to require half the people to be in on it, and the other half not to notice that every other person around them has something to hide. Is such large scale duplicity possible? Large groups of people in on a conspiracy tend to quickly blab/fall apart/brag in a bar/sell their story/etc.


          3. You’ve just retreated after damned near being exposed to evidence and repeated every chestnut that incurious or frightened people use when they are putting their heads in the sand. 1) You have to use your brain and evaluate evidence and testimony; 2) government can keep secrets from a befuddled and incurious people, 3) people are intimidated into silence.

            Jesus, Fred, the number of deaths of witnesses around JFK makes Jonestown look like a Boy Scout jamboree. And people died either because they knew something and wouldn’t shut up, or as an example to others of what happened if you don’t shut up.

            Along comes Fred, incurious, ignorant of the basic evidence, unwilling to look at it, and despite decades of work by intelligent and dedicated people, decides there’s nothing there. That is why they got away with that crime and the scores that have followed up to and since 9/11. A dumbed-down public.


    1. Leave it to you to go off on a rail. The whole matter is relatively easy to solve, but made complex by government forces, “ops” as we call them, whose job it is to obfuscate the evidence and create blind alleys, and to pit people against one another. Alex Jones runs one such operation, called Prison Planet, James Fetzer another, Thom Hartmann and LaMar Waldron yet another. I would bet that at least a third of those who call themselves JFK researchers are really ops.

      There is evidence, however, Swede, that George H.W. Bush was in the CIA in the 1960’s – that is, a 1964 memo released from the archives in the 1980’s from J. Edgar Hoover directing that that certain information be relayed to “George Bush of the CIA.” There is also evidence Bush was working Zapata Corporation drilling rigs as bases for launching terrorist raids in Cuba. Two of the boats used in the Bay of Pigs operation bore the odd names “Zapata” and “Barbara.” Some claim he was involved in the assassination itself, but there’s nothing to hang a hat on. So I am beginning to think that he, like LBJ and Castro and the mob are nothing but blind alleys, and your link here is advancing that cause.

      You really can’t just surface skim these matters and expect to know anything useful, Swede. And I doubt you’ll ever actually read any of the hundreds of very good books out there by independent researchers who have done a yeoman’s task in investigating this crime. Have you even watched the video you linked us to here? (Me neither, not will I.)


  2. As Indira Gandhi said, leaders are killed when they lose the faith of the people around them. That’s all that happened to JFK, first a few, then a few more pulled out on him, Joint Chiefs, CIA, industrialists, and by the time he died it appeared that everyone was out to kill him.

    Indira Gandhi was assassinated too, as was her son, Rajiv. Another son, Sanjay, died in an airplane accident. This ended the Nehru line. Funny how that works.


  3. PS: Good luck in your vengeance mission. Where do you start – military brass, JCOS, CIA, industrialists, DPD? It’ll be a Katyn massacre before you’re done.

    [This comment was intended as sarcasm in response to LK’s threats of violence to others. I do not wish him luck. I merely want him to have some peace of mind.]


  4. Larry, I just realized traveling down the road today that your comment here is a threat of physical violence against persons unknown, but a threat nonetheless. I cannot be party to this. It is not my way, I know the importance of this outlet to you, but I have to ban you and delete your comments. If anyone was subscribed to this thread, those comments still exist in email boxes. I want no part of them. I wish harm on no human being.


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