A bad year for Malaysian Airlines

One has to be very careful with information such as this … a former Ukrainian soldier has taken refuge in Russia and claims that a Ukrainian fighter jet shot down the Malaysian Airlines aircraft on July 17, killing all 298 on board. While Voltaire reporters are doing their best to vet the soldier and cross-reference and verify his statements, it should be noted that Western intelligence agencies are experts in the disinformation game, and he could be a plant who will later be discredited by Western sources. That’s an old intelligence/propaganda game.

Nonetheless, read for yourself, judge for yourself.

There were actually two Malaysian jets lost last year, and the first, Flight 370, disappeared over the Pacific on March 8th of this year. News media reports that it simply vanished, that technology did not exist to track it to its final destination did not exist, are simply not believable. A French former airline director, Marc Dugain, has claimed that the US military may have shot down that airliner and covered it up. The aircraft was last seen in the vicinity of Diego Garcia, a US/British base in the Indian Ocean that is equipped with very sophisticated weaponry and tracking equipment.

Again, you’re on your own. Here’s the link.

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