Pursuit of truth … why it matters

Accordingly, the [JFK murder] case has been deliberately and systematically marginalized by the “media industrial complex” and turned over to the province of kooks, crackpots, and “assassination buffs” and “conspiracy theorists,” coded expressions craftily designed to disparage anyone who simply keeps an open mind and wants to look further into the circumstances of the president’s death. Independent thinking about this critical event has been stigmatized as taboo, a stigma enforced through belittlement, mockery, and obfuscation. Many people as a result are too intimidated to express the dissenting opinions about the case.

The effect is a pervasive atmosphere of unreality surrounding postwar American history, a willed decision by most citizens (even some who know better) to live in a fantasy America rather than the far messier place we actually inhabit. The fact that none of the official explanations for all of the major events in modern American history – the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr.; the Vietnam War; Watergate; Iran/contra; the Gulf War; 9/11; and the Iraq War – makes sense when the evidence is examined with care should be enough to make even the most trusting American realize he or she is being duped by our own government. (Joseph McBride)

It usually takes a great tragedy, losing a war or perhaps internal rebellion, to force those in power to come clean. In South Africa after years of apartheid the new government deliberately forsook opportunity to hold an inquisition, and instead went the “truth and reconciliation” route. This promotes healing even as I know that the very worst people in society walk free after committing heinous crimes. “Reconciliation” is not possible with such monsters. No doubt the South Africans knew that too, and yet, what was the alternative? To hire a new set of monsters to make revenge?

Nonetheless, if our country is ever to heal, even 51 years after the fact, we need to officially solve JFK’s murder so that we can have some closure. The private kooks, crackpots, assassination buffs and conspiracy theorists can then join all of the regular people of society, no longer grasping on to a slim read of truth under the yoke of a fascist state hidden behind a fake democracy. We could all be equals. We could all know some truth.

11 thoughts on “Pursuit of truth … why it matters

    1. How utterly original.

      I am going to start making my post titles longer so that you don’t read them either. You seem to fade out at twenty five words, so you stopped reading this nine words ago.


      1. Sometimes the conspiracy theory is the conspiracy Mark. I would have to say the majority of the pro CIA/Mafia/Cuban theorists are politically left leaning and have some sympathies with Oswald’s inner demons.

        Fodder, fill, or let’s call it a convenient diversion meant to distract us from current events.

        “More books have been sold about the Kennedy assassination than about any of the real government abuses taking place today.”-Greenfield.


        1. Greenfield is correct, of course, but doesn’t know why those books have been sold. He’s a little on the dense side.

          As I like to say, there are two kinds of people, 1) incurious types whole let truth fall in their lap and accept it without question, and 2) people of inquiring nature and independent mind who examine the evidence and decide for themselves whether government is telling us the truth.

          There does not seem to be any crossover between the two groups, that is, I don’t know of anyone who has looked at the evidence and then walks away smug and assured that nothing is amiss there.

          For this reason, I easily conclude that neither you or Greenfield have looked at the evidence.


          1. No I think Greenfield has reveled the true motivations of revisionist history making.

            “The left cannot make history come out the way that it wants to, but it can always lie about it. Its myths of the past are tawdry attempts at refusing to learn the lessons of history so that it will be given the freedom to repeat its terrible mistakes.”


          2. Now, if neither you or Greenfield have looked at the evidence, and assume without question that the official story is true, all of those grandiose statements about “the left” are nonsense. And anyway, why do you assume it is only “the left” that has the power of independent thought? In this crazy country I don’t think there is a “left”, but last time I checked 76% of Americans did not believe the Warren Commission.

            Something that I know about Greenfield that he might instinctively know: If he questions the official story, he’ll be out of work.

            “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” (Upton Sinclair)


          3. Your last quote could be applied to climate scientists whose salaries and grants depend on governmental largest.

            Which also could intertwine with a 76% believable rate in the past years.

            Repeat a lie often enough and they begin to believe it.


          4. Can’t argue with that. Honestly, I don’ know what’s up with global warming.

            The 76% rate has been steady for decades going all the way back to the 70’s. Has to do with a magic bullet that even regular TV-watching Americans cannot buy, I suppose. But if anyone is repeating a lie again and again, it is the government and official truth. I am continually amazed that the public doesn’t fall in line on that one. Why, even Tom Hanks says they are wrong.


          5. Posner’s book has been out there for a long, long time, as has another by Vince Bugliosi, and there are efforts through television, which is where most people get their information via Tom Hanks and Parkland.

            It is impossible, however, to make headway with people like you who simply will not look at the evidence. Every major and minor piece of evidence to convict Oswald has been discredited – the gun, the bullets, his location – it’s all been shredded. They can’t place him in the window, trace bullets or gun, or place him anywhere near Tippet (who may well have been a shooter). The ONLY thing the government has going for them is that people will not look at evidence, instead relying on the opinions of others, as you have just done here.


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