Living in the Gladio era

“This man appears to be wholly devoid of any imaginative facilities. His percepts are predominantly the most common. His range of interest and achievements is quite limited, seen in his very narrow associational content. He takes little note of rare and unusual stimuli in his environment. His mental functioning is highly stereotyped. In conformity, he is within the limits of the average in that his thinking corresponds with that of the community at large. However, he proceeds occasionally with alogical reactions.”

rorschachThe above words were written by a psychiatrist about a police officer who was eventually hired and went on to become famous. They were the result of a Rorschach test. I’ve stripped all of the context from it because it so well describes the typical American sitting in front of his TV watching “news,” and also sums up the content of blog comments too.

The events at Charlie Hebdo have all the markings of a covert operation, far more likely an intelligence operation than a random act of terror. To wit:

  • It is insane. It serves no operational purpose, advances no cause. It merely inflames anger. It’s utterly stupid.
  • It is solved without investigation. We immediately know the perps. Now it’s just a matter of killing or silencing them, Tsarnaev style.
  • The press was prepped in advance with the story, and immediately solved it. The talking heads all speak with barely concealed contempt for the aggressors, instantly known to them.
  • We’re learning now that the supposed suspects have been on a “terror watch list” for a decades, that is, they’ve been babysat.

To what end? Some time read about “Operation Gladio,” the US/NATO terror operation in Europe that was exposed in the 1990’s, but is oddly buried in broad daylight. Agents of NATO bombed a train station in Bologna, the Piazza Fontana in Milano, randomly shot shoppers in Belgium, a car bombing … ultimately, the assassination of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Mora in 1978. NATO was behind this. NATO, and the CIA committed random acts of terrorism designed to discredit left-wing groups.

Of course, with the attack in France, we don’t know anything yet. There’s been no investigation. There will be no trial. The accused will never get their day in court. But we live in a time when “instant information” produces a demand for an instant solution to crimes. We can’t wait for the patient, painstaking search for background, clues, evidence, interrogation, and finally the adversarial proceeding where everything is laid bare before a group of skeptical inquirers.

This is the nature of … not news, but agitprop. That is all this is, agitation propaganda, the strategy of tension. And it works so well because it fuels hatred.

Every generation has its focal point for hatred. In the early days of our country, it might have been Native Americans, savages. Later came freed slaves, still a focal point, and later still various immigrant groups, most recently Hispanics. But American foreign policy is set now to dominate the oil fields of the Middle East, and so for decades has been using Muslim extremists as the focal point. Muslims, no more or less violent than anyone else, have become archetypical villains feeding our nightmares, our television sets and computer screens supplying the sublime imagery.

Intelligences agencies, who are linked to each other without regard to country of origin, have stables of post-MKULTRA patsies available for any desired outcome, be they Saudi faux-pilots or Chechen rebels, or in this case two Algerians, Cherif and Said Kouachi.

It is fashionable these days to openly hate Muslims, and these staged events are successful because they feed hatred. Imagine the perpetrators were instead Mossad agents, would American jets be lined to to drop bombs on Tel Aviv? No. It is no longer fashionable to hate Jews in the manner we are allowed to hate Muslims. But if I were looking for the real perpetrators of this small massacre, I’d be looking to Tel Aviv and Langley first, and Paris suburbs last.

That’s how we roll in the Gladio era.
Some absurdity: From Agence-France Presse, carried on MSN.Com:

Cherif Kouachi was a known jihadist convicted in 2008 for involvement in a network sending fighters to Iraq.

That’s insanely funny, as without our brains so deeply soaked in agitprop and nationalism, we would easily recognize 2003 forward as a time when a certain country was sending tens of thousands of terrorists to Iraq to destroy the place and murder its citizens. The doctrine of “worthy victimhood” stands. Iraqis do not qualify. French citizens do.

MaherAnd one final absurdity: I watched Bill Maher on the Jimmy Kimmel show the other night. Bill too had solved the crime, but since, as Kimmel mentioned, Bill is so intelligent, his take was a little different. The event, he said, was the result of a religion that espouses open hatred.

Doug Feith, step aside. Bill Maher is the stupidest fucking man alive.

12 thoughts on “Living in the Gladio era

  1. The movie trailer for Bitter Lake i think provides a good way to conceptualize what’s going on. I think djin and tonic or debs posted it at 4&20 a short wile back. It’s a perfect description of say the effect on humans of cattle mutilation events. Occurrences which make no sense no matter how you look at it. Events where the motive is completely unlikely no matter how viewed, yet the effect created is unreconcilable confusion.


  2. Imagine the $$$ wasted on peddling government-inspired mayhem. Here’s a nice round figure involving just one country and one Department.

    “From the State Department’s website the $330 million in support for the Syrian opposition includes training for networks of citizen journalists, bloggers and cyber-activists to support their documentation and dissemination of information on developments in Syria.”

    “Liberal interventionists clearly assist neocon warhawks towards their mutual goal of “full spectrum dominance” under the euphemistic guise of Pax Americana. Only the “Pax” always turns out to be endless war and occupation.” by Margaret Sarfehjooy (anti-war activist and registered nurse) and Coleen Rowley (retired FBI agent and former Minneapolis Division legal counsel), both from Minnesota.


    1. Not that I am aware of – maybe the Fort Hood shooter, but that is suspect too. These attacks are all faked in order to advance US foreign policy, and keep the public in a state of high tension. Scared people can’t think straight, not that thinking straight was ever an American attribute.


    2. TWA Flight 800. (1996) Or it was, as the NTSB suggested, but never really confirmed, a short-circuit that ignited vapor from faulty fuel tanks. Who dunnit’? As I recall, eye-witnesses were not allowed to testify at the hearing.


        1. There have been an inordinate number of bombings and the like, the first WTC attack included, that don’t count, as they are FBI sting operations, so we don’t know who the real criminals are.


          1. According to the FBI informant inside the Blind sheikh’s cell the FBI didn’t keep their eye on the ball and allowed the bombing to go forward due to negligence


          2. I find that hard to believe. Too pat. A sting operation of that magnitude, like tiny ones involving shoe and underpants bombers, would ensure that the explosives were not real. I am more inclined to suspect that the first WTC bombing was done by the FBI with Muslim patsies in tow.


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