Power and the true nature of my country

The power of literature is to reduce complexity to characters. Judas, for instance, was a mere literary device. Tolkien’s fantasy, Lord of the Rings, has been debased by those movies so that there is not much appreciation for its real meaning, stated by Lord Acton to be this:

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The ring is power. If affects all of touch it. In the end, it destroyed Frodo, as he sadly acknowledged. 220px-Madeleine_Duncan_Brown

I was reading an interview this morning with Madeleine Duncan Brown (1925-2002), the woman who claimed to be at a gathering on 11/21/63 with her then-lover and father of her son, Lyndon Johnson. LBJ retired to a back room with other attendees, including John J. McCloy, J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, Clint Murchison (host). When he came out, he leaned over to Madeliene, she thought for a kiss on the cheek, and said “Those [Kennedy’s] will never embarrass me again.”

True story? Who knows – it has this working against it – one, she lived to tell it. Two, she was able to tell it in People Magazine in 1987. Our media is so heavily censored that a story like that getting through in  national publication cannot be an accident. And three, researchers cannot place Nixon there – he’d have to be in two places at once.

That is not my subject. In the 1996 interview with Noel Twyman, Brown described the Dallas scene at that time, and the corruption was palpable. She said that these men were on a carousel and could not get off. Once they learned that they could steal, murder, and not only get away with it, but prosper, they could not stop themselves. Their appetites were insatiable. Murder was a twice-before-breakfast occurrence in Dallas, then just a very corrupt small city, now a large one. Murder of a president was a crowning achievement, in part a blow to the Eastern Establishment by cowboy upstarts.

I started 25 years ago on this path, and I was just like everyone else I knew – so naive. I believed in America, its institutions, its history and promise. I have watched the façade crumble around me. At first I was hurt, shocked, ill. I could not fathom that public figures I knew and trusted – Ronald Reagan, for instance – were so corrupt and shallow.

But I soon internalized it and kept moving forward. And now and then I get this reaction from people – “How can you live like that?  It’s as if mere belief is all that matters.

Before I read about real life crime, I was absorbed by Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes, by the Robert Ludlum novels – well-written fiction. I love solving mysteries. After I shed my naivete about my country, I merely got on with mystery solving. It has been fun.

This may surprise people, but my favorite move genre is romantic comedy. I love movies like Forget Paris and Heart and Souls. They are life as I want life to be. As John Denver put it in one of his songs, “True love is still the only dream I know.”

How’s that for contrast? I am a guy who sees the seamy underbelly of perhaps the most corrupt and depraved country ever to exist, and I believe in romantic love.

People don’t want to know how they make the sausage. So it goes. That’s why this is a low-traffic blog. If I were to headline this “Hillary is so wonderful, and Jeb sucks,” my numbers would shoot up. The truth, that both are slimeballs fronting for criminal enterprises reaching deep into the military-industrial-intelligence complex … well, that does not fly.

We have a choice of crooks next year, each representing powerful hidden factions. Here’s another discouragement for you: We will have no idea who really won, as votes are never counted accurately. They don’t even try. That part is all for show.

I’ll close with a little-known fact: According to Meg Azzoni, John F. Kennedy Jr.’s high school sweetheart, he owned a cat. Care to guess the cat’s name? Ruby.

2 thoughts on “Power and the true nature of my country

  1. Before his death, JFK Jr. was, as I recall, considering entering pubilc life as a NY Senator replacing Patrick Moynihan, or as Governor of NY. Instead, Hillary R. Clinton succeeded Moynihan on her path to the White House.


    1. People impute a motive on Hillary for that reason, and murder follows the Clintons around like Mary’s little lamb. But I took Jr.’s murder as just another message to the Kennedy clan – let sleeping dogs lie. Stay out of politics, and stay alive.


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