U.S./Iran negotiations and a forthcoming agreement

Mayssan There’s a presumption in many American circles that Israel holds undue influence over American foreign policy. It is true that there are Israeli apologists throughout our media, so that anyone who criticizes that country is immediately branded anti-Semitic and slapped down. But in terms of who runs who, it is the direction of military aid that governs. Israel is a servant. Thierry Meyssan’s most recent piece on the US/Iran negotiations has a lot of material to absorb, much of it unfathomable to Americans who get their news from American sources. He says that an agreement will be signed in late June, and that it will effectively thwart Netanyahu’s ambitions of a Nile-to-Euphrates Israeli state. That in mind, the Israelis have but a couple of months to disrupt the agreement.

It would therefore not be surprising if we were to see further unclaimed terrorist actions or political assassinations, the responsibility of which could be attributed to Washington or Teheran, in order to stop the signature intended for the 30th June 2015.

I regard Israel as danger to human survival, a state born in and sustained by terrorism, but one always one subordinated to U.S. ambitions, a “cop on the beat” that could affect attacks that the U.S. wanted to be distanced from. Meyssan claims that the U.S. currently is engaged in a major troop shift, Middle East to Far East, and so is leaving behind a ten-year agreement that puts Iran and Saudi Arabia in charge of the region. Israel is effectively dealt out. That is a dangerous situation.

4 thoughts on “U.S./Iran negotiations and a forthcoming agreement

  1. As long as the dominant constellation of oligarchs is happy, Obama and Kerry may be allowed to fly the plane a little while longer. I struggle with the characterization that nation-to-nation relations are where the action begins and ends. All national sovereignty is threatened by globalists and global capital looking for “growth” and profit. Maybe this (overextending into Asia) is simply a way to unplug our republic, eliminate “the middle class” and end public authority all at once, once and for all. I’ve been holding my breath wince the W.J. Clinton impeachment proceedings.


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