Risky business

imageI was going through books yesterday, getting rid of them. Some are a little hard to part with and I hung on to one even as I knew I would not look at it again. Just by coincidence JC posted below that when they “killed” “Osama” they “found” his “last will and testament.” It was probably next to an airline ticket and “confession.” And among “his” books was Chomsky’s Necessary Illusions, an early 90s collection of lectures he gave in Canada.

I did not know it was printed in a large print terrorist edition. Langley must be the publisher.

Man, this is funny, sort of. They are just taunting us now. There is only a small segment of the public, maybe one percent of the U.S., who would even know about that book or Chomsky for that matter. The message is aimed at us? What? Quit reading? Quit thinking? Go flowwise?

It’s amusing too as Chomsky, knowingly or ceding to intimidation, is a gatekeeper. He ridicules those of us who are incredulous of official truth about JFK and 9/11. So I wonder if “Osama” believed the official story of 9/11? Hard to know. His last known public utterance he said it was news to him too. That was late 2001.

Anyway, we are flying today, and yes, I brought my copy of NI along, and yes I’ll read it on the plane. It’s been over twenty years since I glanced at it.

Wish me luck. That could be a terrorist offense.

3 thoughts on “Risky business

  1. We haven’t had a good book burning since the “new-borns'” campaign against Harry Potter. The government, not since McCarthy. Cycles of war against non-conformists never end.


  2. I’m completing a new book about the disparity of wealth and the corruption of the marketplace. Most people don’t realize that Chomsky’s first book was financed by a grant from the U.S. military, and he has made millions in contract work for the Dept. of Defense. He epitomizes the definition of “gatekeeper.”


    1. I am surprised at that notion, as I’ve always been impressed by his depth and clarity. He simply screeches to a stop at major events, saying “buy the official story,” which I attributed to a need to stay alive and relevant.

      Then again, nothing surprises.


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