This passage is taken from the opening passages (page vii) of the introduction to Chomsky’s Necessary Illusions, referred to in the post below. The book is indeed subversive. I can see why Langley wanted to poison the well by associating it with their long-dead employee/patsy, Osama bin Laden.

In the advanced industrial societies the problem is typically approached by a variety of measures to deprive democratic political structures of substantial content, while leaving them formally intact. A large part of this task is assumed by ideological institutions that channel thought and attitudes within acceptable bounds, deflecting any potential challenge to  established privilege and authority before it can take form and gather strength.

Chomsky here is talking about how, in fake democracies such as ours, private power eliminates interference with its rule. The key to success of American facism is to leave form intact, allowing the outer shell of democratic governance – voting, news, education, and political discourse – intact, while robbing them of real substance.

There is no need for jackbooted thugs when people have their minds right.

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