Qualification for journalism: Absense of inquisitive nature

Editor emeritus?
Editor emeritus?

Speaking of left gatekeepers, here is a surly quote from another, dead-on in my view:

Journalists should pride themselves for their lowly status, only a yard or two ahead of the gendarmes and with prison stocks our likely fate if we do our jobs properly. Now the idea is to have the moral standing of bishops. What rubbish! What pretension!
(Alexander Cockburn)

It is that “moral standing of bishops” that drives me bonkers. I imagine that in private gatherings they wear those big penis-shaped hats that Catholic bishops do. Merely attaining the status of “editor,” that is, knowing where power lies being submissive to it, is in their line of work an honorary accolade.

One ex-editor of the Billings Gazette conferred the title of “editor emeritus” to his resumé. The word “emeritus” is used to designate a retired bishop, pope, president, prime minister …honestly, this is how they view themselves. It is a far cry from being one step ahead of the gendarmes.

The next time you are watching a debate among candidates hosted by journalists, such as Gwen Ifill, Candy Crowley or Bob Schieffer, picture the moderator in the phallic hat worn by Bishop Sheen above. It adds humor to the affair. Understand that the position of debate moderator is only granted to those known to pose no threat to power.

The defining characteristic of an American journalist is absence of an inquisitive nature. They praise each other for it.

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