Thanks guys for the heads up

Before I move on, I wanted to offer a quick apology of sorts – I am very hard on American journalists. I can forgive ignorance, as we are all ignorant about most things. Then there is dullness – frankly, most people in most professions are not that bright, journalism no exception, that is, the average IQ is 100.

It is their hubris that fires my rockets. But that could be mere defensive posturing on their part, as they are often roundly criticized.

I have been reminded or I have read someone write that inside the profession there are many very bright people. But they cannot speak up for fear of losing their jobs, or worse yet meeting Michael Hastings’ fate. If true, they are living their lives with their little lights under a bushel basket, which would explain the need for hubris to contain their angst.

But I do believe that under such pressure and tension, people either leave and do something more psychically satisfying, or break in spirit and get their minds right. Whichever it is, dullness, light under the bushel, or broken spirit, from the outside looking in, the result is identical: Very bad journalism.

Here, just for fun, again, is a satellite photo of the area directly west of Manhattan and Long Island on the morning of 9/11/2001. No American journalist knows about that hurricane, named Erin, which was virtually ignored in New York City news coverage in the days before as it made its way up the east coast. Thanks guys for the heads up.


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