What little news I pay attention to, I get wrong!

I had a long drive into and back from greater Denver today, and listened sporadically to NPR when other stations were doing commercials. (Colorado Public Radio runs commercials all day long, as much as any other station … they just don’t call them that.)

I gathered that some kind of deal had been struck to remove the threat of nuclear weapons from the Middle East. The radio journalists were gaga about Kerry and Obama.

I thought great! Israel has agreed to disarm!

Later I learned that they were talking about Iran, a country that doesn’t have nuclear weapons but could use a few.

As it turns out, the real crazies, the Israelis, are still armed with nukes. It is still a danger zone, madmen at the wheel.

As you were folks, no news here.

12 thoughts on “What little news I pay attention to, I get wrong!

  1. Will the US withdraw its NATO “missile shield” strategy (Bush et al., 2008) vs. Iran now that the fake nuclear threat has been eliminated? While there has always been a real nuclear threat from anyone with missiles and bombs, the greater war, the global/cyber financial war seems to escalate daily. Here in the states, legions of conditioned sleepwalkers stand at the ready to cheer and wave flags at a moment’s notice for whatever heroic depiction may cross their tv screen. You can sleep, drive, and walk safely now, neocon geniuses have everything under control. Haven’t we seen this British movie before?

    “The Obama pivot to Asia” is long overdue, and maybe a bit too late. China and Russia have organize new, long-term, land-based energy/trade agreements outside the existing dollar-based, sea-based “global system” now dominated by the US, EU and Japan. Iran has bought precious time for an alternative system to develop even as Russia and Iran “suffer” from sanctions imposed by the US, EU and NATO. As Empire crumbles, will we suffer much? Do somnabulists (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqLuO_cPjco) feel pain? Isn’t there an app (or drug) for that?


    1. Don’t be haughty. Knowing stuff, thinking, reading, all that, will get you nowhere in blogdom.

      There is a realignment in the works. The nuclear issue with Iran has always been fake, just a bit of cheerleading to provide news yakker cover for the real issue, Iran’s refusal to participial in the Wall Street/London financial game. This realignment perhaps signals that Iran has capitulated. Soon they’ll be using them to secretly funnel arms to our other conflicts. Oh, wait, Been done already.


    1. Katyushas and Qassam rockets used by PLO/Hammas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon are unguided. These rockets lack the technology to specifically target grade schools. Israeli rockets on the other hand are perfectly capable of targeting UN offices and hospitals with precision.

      “Iron Dome” is another US-taxpayer-funded scam. Neocon cheerleaders and the MSM have generally claimed a 90% shoot-down rate, while others who have studied the data estimate 5%. More for PR than defense, but it’s easy to fool most of the people most of the time. http://gawker.com/is-israel-really-as-good-at-shooting-down-rockets-as-it-1608277422

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    2. I hesitate to take the time to answer ans instead just engage in snark, as we’ve had this conversation before, Swede. Ask yourself why a powerless people possessing no weapons of any power attack a powerful neighbor armed to the teeth by the US?

      The answer is that they do not do so. The rocket attacks on Israel are done either by agents provocateur or Israelis themselves, and are done to justify an Israeli attack on its weaker neighbor. Israel does this for various reasons, often just as a distraction when it is up to no good elsewhere, but also to reinforce the fear regime over its people, just as our own government does here.

      Unless there is an overriding strategic objective, as with Pearl Harbor, weak forces do not provoke strong forces, giving them reason to attack. This is almost always the case, which is why strong forces have to attack themselves (“false flag”) to justify their attacks on weaker forces.


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