A “duh” moment

I recently stumbled on some words that are so pregnant with obvious truth that I slapped my forehead with a “Duh!” *

During the Civil War Lincoln virtually emasculated the Constitution. Historians forgave him, since we were at war. 9/11 was seen as justification for a pre-formed Reichstag-like enabling act that set aside most constitutional guarantees.

Other examples abound, as Eugene Debs might attest.

The point is that our supposed form of government, a democratic republic, is quickly set aside whenever there is trouble.

If when we have trouble we set aside our form of government, isn’t that an admission that our form of government does not work? After all, if it isn’t there when we need it, it might as well not be there at all.
*The words are by Dr. Walt Brown: “…if that diagnosis is accurate, democracy as a system is a pathetic failure. And when it shuts itself down in a crisis – that validates failure.” He was referring to the unending need of our two parties to tear each other down whether those in power are doing a good or bad job.

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