Day three: Geneva

imageFinally over jet lag, feeling rested. I really like it here in Geneva even despite the ungodly heat. We took a tram up a few thousand feet over the city yesterday to get a view and hoping to cool down. It was as hot up there as down here.

We did not realize up there that we were in France until we read the signs. Crossing borders here is like crossing state lines in the U.S.

We had dinner last night lakeside. The fountain above is Jet D’eau, and has been on constantly since we arrived. It is a trademark of Geneva, part of the landscape. The photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy, and needs to be cropped. It does take sharp images, but is hard to zoom.

My own camera is a Nikon Cool Pix, but I cannot at this time move photos from there to this device, as this iPad does not trust the little adaptor that holds the camera card. I use a non-Apple adaptor to convert from the old wide slot to the smaller one on newer devices.

I speak fluent Apple. They want more money.

In the shot above, the full moon was an added bonus, and protruding above the landscape on the right is Mount Blanc, the highest peak on the continent. (It is still illuminated by the sun late in the day.) We hiked about half of the circuit around it several years ago, the beginning of my love affair with this place. It’s a hundred miles around in total, we did about did about fifty I suppose, staying in huts and hotels in the towns around the base. The entire circuit would have taken over a week, and we wanted to see other places too, so we limited that part of our trip to a half-circuit.

There is an annual run around Mt. Blanc, the entire circuit. That’s for the truly ambitious, like my son and his soon-to-be-wife. They run marathons and stuff, and I do not understand them. That doesn’t make any sense!

Yesterday, walking a short distance after taking a tram up Mount Saleve,  my legs were tired and I wondered how in the hell we are going to do our Dolomite hike, thirty steep miles over three days. But the legs come around. There we will be several thousand feet higher, and the heat will not be as oppressive. There will come a day when we have to rest on memories, so we have to make them.

The photo below was taken by our daughter with her iPhone, and seems unremarkable except that the lower part of the light in the center of the monument is the full moon. There was about a six-minute period that the shot was available from our table. I did not bring the Cool Pix to dinner last night, but would have liked to try to capture that event. I forgot the strap and don’t like carrying it in my hand.

Little things. I suppose I should buy an Apple or Nikon camera strap, complete with logo. What are they – like $250?

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