In Florence, Italy

Well, we left Ljubljana and drove through northern Slovenia and Italy in our rented car. It was a spectacular drive. A few photos follow.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia
Peaks in the Julian Alps, Italy
Peaks in the Julian Alps, Italy
back in the Dolomites, Italy
Back in the Dolomites, Italy

We drove from Ljubljana to Vicenza, a huge mistake – not the drive, but entering an Italian city with a car. They do not mix. There happened to be an annual fair in the city, and parking was hard to find. We ended up parked at the railway station with a warning from the hotel clerk that the car might be towed if left overnight. (There was that to worry about, but with no other parking to be had, we had no choice. It was not towed, and we paid €9.10 to retrieve it the following morning.)

Which reminds me: Mr. CPA here has his numbers backwards – the current exchange rate, dollars to euros is $.89, meaning that euros are worth about $1.10. Oopsie.

And then we drove to Florence. There is no parking to be had in Florence. None for tourists, anyway. Having a car there was foolishness, so we turned it in four days early. That was cheaper than parking in the streets or garages in a place not designed for cars.

Here’s a couple of Florence pictures:

The Duomo
The Duomo

There are naked men all about this city, statues, that is, far outnumbering women. I managed a camera angle on this one to keep it clean or family viewing.


9 thoughts on “In Florence, Italy

  1. THIS is what you look like without a gay man in your life! No need for planned parenthood, no need for birth control. No need for SEX!

    Yet down south, she’s the model of Jeezus femininity! PURRAZE JEESUS!

    Calm down now, sWEED. She’s taken, and at last count, FOUR TIMES! And all I can say ’bout that is SWEET JEEZUS! Long live the south! The dummest bastards to ever inhabit Murca have some very stange tastes!


    1. Larry, you could very easily get a blog – I am sure others besides me would toss a link in your favor. I write for myself mostly, but do not appreciate that you use this forum to carry on with your own narrative.

      I am not banning or anything like that, just asking for a little courtesy on your part.


      1. Just tryin’ to help with your readership. And yes, I’m considering my own blog, but I’m a computer reetard. I don’t know how to do that stuff.


      2. It’s muscle memory, WordPress easy enough. I did not have a clue about it back in 2006, so my son set up the blog, but I now see it was a piece of cake. It’s like anything new – hard at first, but easier as you go.


      1. Giuseppe Garibaldi too. I also enjoyed the Ponte Vecchio and the many small cafes that dot the area with their delicious food and wines. That guy, David, was acting a little cocky though.


        1. As you may remember there was a time when Garibaldi went to Brazil and participated in the Ragamuffin War. The catalyst to that conflict was very similar to what’s happening today with the Catalan secession movement.


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