Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see ….

As I sleep less than most people, I have time to watch videos as the following one, put up by SK over at RD. I listed some reactions there but won’t repeat them here. At this point there are two people capable of sitting through a three hour presentation, me and SK. So I imagine it stops here, but if indeed you do so, please share your reflections below.

If you merely start and quickly stop when you find something disagreeable, please do not share your reflections below.

3 thoughts on “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see ….

  1. All video production requires some financial support, which inevitibly leads to unecessary editorializing that may undercut the work’s potential. People need time and space to process information, especially if it leads to a personal understanding opposite of conventional wisdom. We learn in bunches. There is no silver bullet. In an age of non-readers video, however imperfectly produced and presented, is the next best vehicle in the search for truth about thorny subjects that have been massaged for years by TPTB in one way or another. Three hours is long even for a “full-length” movie these days. Overall, there is a lot packed into the piece that most people have never witnessed or considered. For that fact alone, I salute the effort.


    1. Ask said at RD:

      “No one is ever harmed by viewing or reading things with which they disagree, though most fear doing so. I highly recommend that people do just that, however, as this documentary is a testimony to the massive tomes of evidence collected since 11/22/63. In the end, it might be just a diversion, but it contains enough truth to be useful to anyone not initiated in the sordid underbelly of the United States of America.”


  2. Luv that video. It’s the kind of stuff I watch late in the evening when I’m too tired to read. I can sit for hours with a drink in hand and get enraged and energized once again. Thanks.


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