The Harper Bone Fragment

The piece is about 2.5: by 2″

The Harper Bone Fragment (Source: HSCA). This bone fragment, measuring 2-1/2” by 2” was found at the rear and to the left of the location of the [JFK] presidential limousine when the fatal head shot occurred. It was found by medical student Billy Harper the day after the assassination. He took it to his uncle, Dr. A.B. Cairns, who was the chief pathologist at Methodist Hospital in Dallas. Dr. Cairns examined it, along with another pathologist, and they both stated that it came from the occipital* region of the skull. The fragment was photographed in the Methodist Hospital photographic lab. The bone fragment was then sent to Dr. George Burkley, the White House physician. From that time on, no one knows what happened to the Harper fragment. It has vanished completely and has not been seen since. The Harper fragment is strong evidence of a shot from the front, perhaps explaining its strange disappearance. If it were available today, it could be analyzed and scientifically identified as to its location in the skull. (Noel Twyman, Bloody Treason, page 222)

What are the implications here? One, the Harper evidence is the strongest evidence available that President Kennedy was shot from the front.

Two, it is very strong evidence that the x-rays of the president’s skull on file in the National Archives are forgeries. The region of his skull from which the fragment came is intact in those.

Implications, anyone?
*Take your hand and place it across the back of your head, above your neck but below the top, where you would rest it if you were learning back on a pillow. That is the “occipital” region.

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      1. actually i tweeted this post to my 1000+ followers with the correction. this is one topic you write about that intrigues me and keeps me coming here.


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