A clusterf*** of creeps, criminals, and corrupt politicians …

From the book Bloody Treason by Noel Twyman (1997), pp 633-634

… let us examine this incredible ménage of millionaires, industrialists, extremists, and corrupt politicians – bringing into the scene their various secret transgressions and liaisons. It is not a pretty picture. For example, Clare Boothe* Luce was at one time the mistress of Allen Dulles and another time bedded with the anti-Communist fanatic General Charles Willoughby. Meanwhile, Allen Dulles’s ex-mistress, Mary Bancroft, had an affair with Henry Luce, husband of Clare Boothe* Luce and owner of Life magazine. Then we have the rabid, racist billionaire H.L. Hunt with his three wives simultaneously; now adding in the crackpot General Edwin Walker, who turned out to be a closet homosexual, and J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson and lackey Roy Cohn all in the same category. Mix this with John F. Kennedy and his multiple adulterous affairs, including one with Marilyn Monroe, and Robert Kennedy and his affair with Marilyn Monroe; plus the mendacious, criminally minded Lyndon Johnson and his mistresses, and Johnson buying every election he ever won, and the Kennedy’s involvement with the Mafia in buying the 1960 presidential election. Added to this we have the partnership of the CIA with the Mafia to assassinate foreign leaders, the CIA’s involvement in Allen Dulles’s grotesque, ultra-secret mind-control programs to develop robot assassins, and the CIA and organized crime’s participation in illegal arms shipments and drug running, and we have a picture that is so outlandish and complex as to defy the imagination; and we are not even getting started with a long list of other dangerous secrets that can be enumerated. These people did not play by the prescribed rules. They made up their own rules as they went along. They all lived lives of deceit and betrayal. Out of is mise en scène exotique** emerged the decision to assassinate John J. Kennedy.

[My personal footnotes]

* Not to mention that the “Boothe” in her name is a changed spelling of the original name, Booth – she was a relative of John Wilkes Booth, as is Theresa Cara Booth, aka Cherie Blair, wife of the former British Prime Minister.
**translation from French: exotic staging

5 thoughts on “A clusterf*** of creeps, criminals, and corrupt politicians …

  1. I read your post at Pogie’s on the gun culture, and since I can no longer post there because lil’ Petey has a lil’ petey, I’ll post my response here if that’s OK.

    I have worked most of my adult life with kids, including a whole lot of ED (emotionally disturbed) kids. Also, I am a gun nut. I am a hunter, gun enthusiast, and collector of old guns. I’ve been part of the so called gun culture my whole life. I was raised with guns, and I like guns for lots of reasons.

    So, when I read about this shooter in Oregon, and the fact that he had attended a school for kids with Aspergers, I knew immediately what had happened. It was the perfect storm of gun culture meets ED kid with Aspergers.

    Ask anyone who has worked with ED kids and they’ll probably tell you the same thing. Putting guns in the hands of nutty kids is NOT a good idea.

    My heart breaks for the folks who were shot and died. I know that country well. And I know the people. They are good people down in Roseberg. As a kid, I used to swim in that River that runs by the college. I love my Oregon roots.



    1. Shyt. Just shty. We lived in a very fooked up country. I accept that, but it’s damm hard to accept. Anyone is allowed to procreate, even imbeciles.


        1. Oh it’s true alright, for the reasons I mentioned above. Think of it as cultural climate change, a perfect storm of madness. We have been producing the contributing factors for a long time now, and it’s just going to get worse. The mother of the shooter is a perfect example. Kooks begetting kooks, who beget even more kooks. Throw is lots of guns, and you’re gonna have a mass shooting on a regular basis now. Jeez, I’d like to introduce you to some very trouble kids I used to work with. A lot of them eventually go into the military where their madness is welcomed! They’re suddenly patriotic, and everyone pats them on the back.

          Yes, ours is a very sick country indeed.


          1. You have no basis for knowing it is “true” other than news reports. In that situation, you really ought to maintain an attitude of skepticism. Otherwise you are willfully being manipulated.

            Also, please read my short post I put up today called “Culture of Fear” to understand why it is impossible for you to know if anything is true or not at this early stage.

            As a general rule, it would be nice if you actually read posts before commenting. But then, you don’t post in response to anything written. You’re merely looking for an outlet. I don’t much care, but you know, manners and stuff ought to be used at various times.


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