The culture of fear

I put a residential rental unit on the market earlier this year, and in closing was told that I had to install $1,600 in radon mitigation equipment in the crawl space. I objected, as radon is not a problem for anyone other than coal miners who also smoke cigarettes. But I was told that one of the tenants in the building was afraid her child would get cancer if I did not act.

Shit, I thought. Fear works. It forces me to buy nonsense equipment that serves no purpose other than to line the pockets of greedy businessmen who got into EPA via the revolving door and created our bullshit radon regulations.

So too with all this gun nonsense. Bad things happen, but statistically speaking, we’re as safe as a swaddled baby in a crib. To go out and buy a gun is a personal choice, but for me not an option. I refuse to be part of the problem. And I refuse to let fear rule my life.

I know there was an incident in Roseburg, Oregon. I have not read about it, and won’t. I suggest to readers that if they are curious about that incident, to proceed as follows:

  • Verify by independent means that the victims were real people who really died that day.
  • Verify by independent means that the alleged shooter was a real person.
  • If it is determined that alleged shooter was real, do a deep background check on him, find out his acquaintances and friends, and associations. The object would be to see if he was manipulated by others to be where he was that day, and if he has been used by others, possibly sheepdipped and set up as a patsy.
  • Find out the number of shots fired, their source and direction, and caliber bullet to see if they came from one gun only.
  • Find out if there were any civilian, police or military training drills going on in that area at that time. (Such drills are the lever by which government resources are used – the drills can be “flipped live” to make fake events real.*)

A lot of work, right? However, if you don’t have time, just wait. Others will do the legwork, and you can learn more from them. Then go and get the information. Don’t wait for it to fall into your lap via news sources, as that will not happen.

In the meantime, stop being afraid.

*This is the method by which regular innocent people are recruited to participate in these incidents, unknowingly part of a larger script.

4 thoughts on “The culture of fear

    1. I learned a new word thanks to the guy on CBS, “avuncular.” I listened to a news broadcast with Bob Schieffer. I could not believe how his delivery was of a father to children. I almost expected him to say “Watch now as this goes boom!”

      I don’t think for a second that consumer demand has anything to do with news other than form of presentation and apparel and demeanor or the news readers. Whether we want good or bad news … ???


  1. Many believe that the opposite of Love is Hate. I have good reasons to believe that it is Fear that is the opposite of Love and it is hate that is the result of Fear.


    1. I see fear governing just about everyone I read and talk to – it is always in the backdrop.

      But I remember sitting in a chair in our living room back in 88 or 89 and suddenly coming to the realization that communism presented no threat to our country or me personally. It was as if a burden had been lifted from me. My mindset prior to that was one of fear.

      Since communism has gone away, they have deftly replaced with with terrorism. 9/11 was a PSYOP, ad we were subjected to trauma-based mind control. It is still working on us.


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