Colbert using television to uplift?

I was an admirer of Dave Letterman. The guy would send me into fits of laughter with his diabolical smiling antics – dropping watermelons off buildings, doing interviews that slowly sent people into a boil. He once flat-out told Bill O’Reilly he was full of it,  which he is and which needs to be said now and then but isn’t.

Ah well, moving forward. Stephen Colbert is finding his way. He works without a sidekick, which I like. But when I see the usual Hollywood stars waddle on out, I suspect his show is going to be Jimmy Fallon without the intellectual rigor.

But there’s hope! He has had politicians on, and challenged them in their boots, something not done even by professional “news” people. But that’s old Colbert Report shtick – Colbert does have a little more depth than the average TV personality. Not much more – like Jon Stewart, he’s a lightweight and doesn’t know it. (I could not sit through his long interview with the reptile John Kerry. It tested my limits.)

Last night I watched his show (on DVR to avoid commercials) on which he did a long bit on Whole Foods, laying some richly deserved ridicule on that phony enterprise. He said that Whole Foods has screwed up now and then, and has the decency to apologize … when caught, and will continue to do so … if caught. That’s ballsy, taking on a rich corporation. No doubt the network gave him a pass after checking the list of current sponsors, but still, it’s something.

But then there is this: He had Yo Yo Ma play while ballerina Misty Copeland danced, a performance that we watched twice. I only dabble in serious music and dance, but found this uplifting. Colbert said he wants to take his show in new directions … leading with style rather than playing to the LCD?

We will see where the network’s advertising department take him. If I turn it on in the future and see that he’s got George Clooney and  Taylor Swift on, I’ll know his influence was sidetracked by the need to please advertisers, and LCD won. Till then …

Enjoy! Sorry if you are forced to watch a fricking ad first. Those philistines know no propriety.

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