Putin to the rescue

The Obama administration is, for now, giving up on official “regime change” training ops in Syria and is unlikely to go for more intense fighting against the Islamic State. But that is only the official position. Unofficially, we can safely assume, the CIA and various shady Pentagon entities will continue their mischief in Syria and in Iraq.

But thanks to the Russians, it is now for all to see that the U.S. was never serious about fighting the Islamic State or about reigning in al-Qaeda and other Jihadis in Syria. While the U.S. has flown a total of 137 air attacks in Syria in some thirteen month[s] the Russians delivered 148 airstrikes within just one week.

(From Moon of Alabama.)

The intrigue surrounding Syria is complex, with the U.S. aiding and abetting the terrorist forces trying to unseat the regime and at the same time portraying that regime as the real terrorists. The propaganda and disinformation coming out of Washington prompted Joseph Goebbels to say “Guys, sometimes you gotta mix in a little truth!” Seeing all of the violence visited on that land by Western-backed forces, Josef Stalin was heard to mutter “My god, what horrible monsters these people are … these Americans.”

The Russians have attacked forcefully and effectively and set the terrorists and Washington back on their heels. They are acting as a civilizing force.

But it ain’t over. If there are two words to describe the current reign of terrorists and desk murderers that hold power in DC, they would be “fucking relentless.”

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