Deep politics

imagePlease understand, before you read this, that all of us can be fooled, are fooled, and are wont to admit it. I am not disparaging the ordinary busy distracted voter. I am one of that group, except for the “voter” part.

The operating principle “look here, not there” is widely used in politics to keep both casual and interested observers off a scent trail. Distraction is the essence of American politics.

Here’s an example: have you ever heard of the Koch brothers? Of course you have. I imagine sometimes that they giggle and laugh (and click their champagne glasses) as they send the progressive beehive into a tizzy by a mere press release or public statement. They are a focal point in politics.

Why do we even know their names? Real power does not show itself or tip its hand. The name “Koch” is easily pronounced “cock” among self-professed clever people. They are out in the open, easily reviled and ridiculed. Meanwhile, real power, always at work, is busy in other ways.

Here’s another example: The “Tea Party,” less and less emphasized as the Obama reign winds down, served a far different purpose than people imagine. It appeared out of nowhere and (by power of suggestion) became a force in Republican politics. It served both as a distraction and for perception management purposes.

The beneficiary: President Barack Obama. The guy is anything but the liberal, community organizer, and legal scholar sold to us in 2008. (I am not disparaging his real abilities, which are impressive.)

The Tea Party is comprised of right-wing stooges who were followed around by Fox News.  They held up stupid signs and yelled from the galleries. In the meantime, Obama moved forward with the what is referred to as the “Bush” Agenda, as if.

The result: Opposition from the far right solidified the notion that Obama was a liberal, progressive, even a socialist. The enemy of our enemy must be our friend. (I listen to Rush Limbaugh on occasion. He still hits hard on the notion that Obama is a leftist. This is the same principle.)

Obama has had a “successful” presidency, fooling both his own and the Republican Party followers alike.

Members of the Tea Party, at least the rank and file, are no more aware of this manipulation than the pwoggies who go ga-ga at mention of the Koch brothers.**

I first became aware of the real scent trail behind Obama when a Columbia University professor, Henry Graff, said that neither he nor any of his fellow professors were aware of any “Barack Obama” at Columbia at any time when he supposedly attended. I began to understand why his college records are sealed from view, why ghost-written best-selling autobiographical books magically appear to wide acclaim, and why a so-so speech in 2004 alerts the public that The One is on the horizon.

Obama is smart, cagey, secretive, and has a mysterious past. I don’t care about his place of birth – that too is distraction. The question is, where was he when he was not where he said he was?

The Tea Party forgot to ask that question. It’s too late now, of course, but an answer is emerging: Obama is an intelligence asset. He would be the fourth in my lifetime to serve as president.

Trust me, two of those four are not named Ronald or Dubya.
*Obama was suggested to us in 2004 as having presidential timbre after a so-so speech at the Democratic convention. It is interesting that both Obama and the Tea Party took off due to the suggestibility of the electorate.
**I maintain that ISIS is an American invention, CIA all the way. Members of that group, disaffected Arabs bombed into seething reactionary posture by the American wars of their youth, are also unwitting pawns. True believers make the best possible pawns.

15 thoughts on “Deep politics

      1. the office changes the person at least as much as the person changes the office. imagine reading the presidential daily briefing every day for eight years and not being changed by it.


        1. But the whole point of the JFK assassination was to enforce a military coup d’etat, effectively removing any real power from that office. In that case, it does not matter if the office changes e person or the person changes the office. It is outside the line of real power, and exists mostly as stagecraft.


          1. Someone who, after an effective first six months in office, would be gunned down. The president has no real power. This has been true since Eisenhower, who warned us as he left office about the “Military Industrial Complex.” It effectively neutralized him too.

            Here’s a closing line from a post by me which you have not read:

            Some, like Kurtz for example, will say “So yeah, what’s your solution,” and are unable to deal with the answer:

            There is none.

            Here is Paul Craig Roberts’ Former assistant treasury secretary under Reagan:

            The United States has collapsed economically, socially, politically, legally, constitutionally, and environmentally. The country that exists today is not even a shell of the country into which I was born.

            Until you begin to grasp the size and complexity of the problem, complete corruption of all institutions, you’ll not understanding why electing this or that guy is a waste of time and energy.


            1. It always comes down to that with you – that is always your closing line. You come here ready to tear me apart for not voting, and when you realize I’ve actually thought it through, infer that I am a nihilist, which I am not.

              You are the one with bankrupt ideas, blindly casting votes and supporting Democrats as if your life depended on it, even as your efforts are so futile as to be comical.

              Look in the mirror, buddy.


  1. …IMHO the ‘system’ itself is the main problem. It’s utterly corrupt because it was made to be so…Human nature, wants ‘Peace’ and will fight you for it. (WTF)??

    Sartorially, elegant, overpaid stooges, standing on a soapbox or typing at a computer, for that matter and waxing lyrical about freedom for all…democracy…and liberty and (selective) egalitarianism…with the customary ‘dose’ of PC BS…is not ‘leadership’. It’s snake oil salesmanship. Nothing more.

    I refuse to vote too but I turn up and I write on my ballot ‘Sack ’em all’…they won’t and I know that…but I’m saying what I DEMOCRATICALLY MEAN…because of two things. I wouldn’t trust any of the candidates, of ANY party…ANYWHERE with bus fare…evah….and I flatly refuse to pay the fine for ‘not voting’…I’m simply…NOT PLAYING THEIR GAME…but I’m doing it my way.

    I marched against Vietnam…the war happened anyway…I marched against Nuclear proliferation..ditto. I’m done with the exercise session and I simply refuse, within my own wee world and life…to contribute fiscally or physically in this utter insanity that passes as ‘global governance’. It’s a three-piece-suited bunfight…for the ‘right’ to ‘push others around and charge them for it and it’s gotten very ‘old’.

    Everyone is still playing the same old game…’Saviour Hunting’…humanity has been taught how to be as lazy as possible and it’s PC incorrect to say so. Whatevah! I don’t do any saviours…(thank Kwyst) other than that woman who cleans my teeth in the bathroom mirror each day.

    Just, imagine if you could harness all the energy spent on arguing ‘same old’…issues and funneled it into real action in your own life. Imagine if you stopped LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LEAD YOU OUT OF THE CRAPOLA…admitted, you ‘got there’ by choice and jump the Hell OUT??
    Just a thought…Always, A xo


  2. For the purposes of clarification I wish to add this. ‘Left/RIght…’Democrat/Republican…yata yata…the ‘good ol’ Hegelian (Us vs Them) Dialectic that will have Humanity ‘winding it’s ass and scratching it’s watch’…for precisely as long as humanity insists on not taking responsibility for itself and growing the Hell up. (Did I mention that I’m a tad blunt?)

    Voting… is no measure of CHOICE. But a classic example of mass ‘self hypnosis and futility because…you ‘get’ that, which has been PROGRAMMED FOR YOU TO GET…and it’s kind of embarrassing to think that far too many have not yet figured that out…by this stage and all for what…??

    To ‘vote’ in yet another non saviourial snake-oil salesman/woman…every miniscule increment of elections EVERYWHERE is ‘managed’…and they are going to have to do it without ‘moi’…and they have done so for quite some time so anyone feeling disposed to ‘having a go’ at me for not voting…go right ahead …you will NOT be the first. Many thanx, Annabelle


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