Some good reporting

Some Jungian archetypes simply don’t stand up under scrutiny. The Muslim terrorist, brought to center stage life on 9/11 and used ever since to frighten the Ameircan public, does not.

ISIS does not. But we are fortunate to live in a land possessed of a mainstream media that does not do scrutiny.

This link, supplied by SK in a post below, is well worth anyone’s time. ISIS melts before our eyes, like an ice cube in the sun.

7 thoughts on “Some good reporting

  1. it doesn’t take much digging to implicate the CIA with mixing the Afghani opium/heroin trade with funding ISIS and/or whatever revolutionary, chaos-inducing entity they want. If Iran-Contra taught us anything, it’s that the CIA will go to any lengths to covertly fund these groups from the multi-billion dollar Afghani poppy industry.

    Here’s a GR report from a while back:

    Here’s RT with a story on ISIS and a billion dollars a year:

    What I do know is that the CIA is capable of providing a conduit for shipping heroin/opium to the U.S. via military airplanes. Airmen get diplomatic immunity to carry packages, and bases in the U.S. become avenues of distribution. I witnessed this first hand growing up in Great Falls in the 60s-70s.

    Why would it be any different today? ISIS may be a charade, but it’s a well-funded one.


    1. John Judge (rip) noticed that despite heavy American troop presence in Afghanistan, no one has yet observed a poppy plant make its way to a processing plant to extract the opium, much less to a lab to make heroin. I conclude by that obervation that the process of growing the plant and converting it into street and pharmaceutical drugs and the money that eventually ends up in Wall Street [and London] banks is miraculous. It goes on right under the nose of the American military, but is invisible!


  2. And to JC’s point about the CIA/Afghan/Libya parlay: “What Mystery?
    Of course, much of this is not new information. So the question remains – why is the US Treasury just now carrying on with this transparent charade?” – Tony Cartalucci

    Not to overload viewers, but there’s more:

    Love the map.


    1. My friend Brian Schweitzer was in GF today at Hastings for his book signing. He has written an very interesting book on energy issues. Please check it out. I went down and visited with him. He is a great guy and I’m proud to say my friend. Pics to follow.


      1. You might want to be a little careful of this guy. Charm like that in politics, the ability to convince every man that he is his friend, is a sign of a high-functioning sociopath.

        Also kind of funny that you unknowingly comment bomb under a post in which you feature prominently. See “Strategy of Tension” above.


        1. Mark, he’s not a sociopath at all. He’s much like you and me, a Catholic kid who wants to change the world for the better. He really is. I’ve known him for some twelve years or so now, and I have never failed to have been amazed by his intelligence. AND, most of all, his compassion. He truly is a compassionate human being. And I like that fact most of all about him. He cares about people first and foremost. And, he has the courage to take on the bad guys. He embodies all the Catholic ideals that we learned as kids from the nuns.

          BTW, I bought his new book, Power Up, and I’m reading it. Fascinating. He is so far ahead of other politicos on power issues that it’s not even funny. If you get a chance, read his book. Or send me your address and I’ll forward my copy when I’m done. I consider it a must read.

          If we can solve our energy problems, then we can set about making our world a livable place again for the future. The earth will heal itself if we just give it a chance. That’s all I’m asking. That and population control will do the trick. Go off the grid and get a vasectomy, and by GOD will win this thing.


          1. Not convinced … The man is smooth beyond words. I interviewed him a couple of times when he ran for senate, and in retrospect feel as though I had been emotionally mugged. I bought in. I see now that bus rides to Canada and advocacy of coal had all the markings of private and powerful backers using his huckster qualities to advance a private agenda, much the case with the whole political class – they all front for silent power, which always remains in the shadows. Sincerity is rare. They are always on the lookout for the ones who can sell. Genuine people never get off the ground, as the money people don’t trust them can’t control them. I’d keep my distance from the man who is, after all, just a politician. What’s he doing for a living now anyway, Larry?

            I am discouraged sometimes by the ease with which politicians can enlist the regular people to do their bidding with a smile and a wink. Matt Singer and Jay Stevens were (are) so bought in to Tester that they lost all their ability to read insincerity. They totally bought the man, a huckster who could also project sincerity.

            It’s politics. Watch yer back, always.


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