Daddy dearest?

imageNot too many people know or remember, but Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy became Jackie Onassis in October of 1968. She married Aristotle Socrates Onassis, one of the wealthiest men in the world. He died in 1975. In a lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous world, the two shared six residences, including a private island in the Ionian Sea called Skorpios. Jackie would inherit only a paltry $26 million on his death, however. Ari’s daughter, Cristina, battled her for the family fortune,

John_F_KennedyHer first husband, John F. Kennedy was a well-known womanizer – that marriage in retrospect appears arranged. Joe Kennedy, Sr., whose mob influence played a large part in securing his son’s election in 1960, realized that a bachelor had scant chance of being elected president in this land, then as now. He convinced Jackie to marry Jack. He was known to be a persuasive man.

image Here’s what is interesting … take a look at the two photos – John F. Kennedy, Jr., above, and a young Aristotle Onassis, to the left here. They appear to me far more likely to be father and son than John Jr. to have been sired by John Sr. The hairline, the lips and eyes seem far more a match.

British royalty is a rich well of fascinating debauchery and intrigue for some, but I find our own royal families to be as interesting. Here we have a Bouvier mating with a Kennedy, supposedly, but more likely with an Onassis to produce a young Adonis. And who could blame her – Ari probably offered her far more comfort than the promiscuous Jack. Her humiliations at his hands were legendary. Jr. near water

I’m not gay or anything, by the way, but John Jr. had to be among the most strikingly good-looking men ever to live. It’s a bloodline thing, I suppose.

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