We gather here today to mourn the fake passing of fake San Bernardino victim Sierra Clayborn

The San Bernardino mass shooting event was faked, of course.

I know that most who read that sentence will think I am nuts, but I assure you, it is not me, but you who has the problem. I am one of the few sane ones left in this country.

Stop and think: Have you even looked at the evidence? Of course not. You assume that with all the hoopla and those very pretty and trustworthy television people and the and crying actors on TV that it must be real. Right? And you’re wondering what is going wrong with this country. You’re certain there is insanity in the air, and that the next mass shooting might be in your town. It’s got you in a state of anxiety, right? We gotta get ISIS! Right?

Fake mass shootings require fake victims. So I took a list of the list of victims, and since I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this (the next “event” is in planning stages already), picked just one. I chose “Sierra Clayborn.”

They have to make up the names and supply identities, but use real people as models. Here is a photo of “Sierra:”

She’s a pretty girl, whoever this model is. She looks to be a mixture of Asian and African descent, but with a name like “Clayborn” it is hard to know. This is a well-lit photo, no shadows, indicating a light screen used by professionals. It could be a family portrait, or she could be a model. The face is very narrow. The head is too big for the body, however. It is so big that if you turned it sideways, it would extend shoulder-tip to shoulder-tip.  Either it has been superimposed, or this girl is a circus freak.

A web search for her yields a person by that name, age 27, living in Rialto, California, and another in Illinois. As a possible relative of the California Sierra we find “Jacinto Alonso,” but no one with the name Clayborn. Huh? Modern families, I suppose.

That’s it. But “Clayborn” is a bastardized spelling of “Claiborne,” a European name made famous by the fashion line sold at JC Penney. There are lots people by that name, famous people including Lindy Claiborne Boggs, the widow of Hale Boggs, a member of the House of Representatives from Louisiana and of the Warren Commission, who disappeared in a small plane over in Alaska in 1972 after having been driven to the airport that day by none other than a certain young man named Bill Clinton. For all we know, he died, fake-died, or was murdered. That’s an aside … just rambling.

Moving on: Assume she is a real person, then I am disrespecting the dead, right? Let’s find her parents … it does not say. Two obituaries do not list her parents.

Odd, but let it go. They might be in seclusion. She has a sister, Tamishia, we are told, who is in charge of her memorial fund. Here’s a photo of the two of them together, a selfie, with Tamishia doing the selfie squint and Sierra looking again like a model.


There is, of course, a slight problem here: They don’t look at all like sisters. But modern times, and all, perhaps one was adopted, or they share one parent, but since we don’t yet know the parents, it’s hard to guess. They are of different races, and other than the shape of the mouths, seem to share no physical characteristics. Tamashia’s hair … odd. But that could be camera angles and all that. I know I hate selfies – no way could I put up a photo like Sierra here in a selfie.

The photograph is fake. Both images have been pasted in from some other source. You can tell because of the sharp, sharp lines, but more importantly, the shadows don’t match. Also, while the angle is up at up at Tamashia, it is straight on at Sierra, even as she appears to be the taller of the two.  Tamishia’s face is lit by light from her left and above, while Sierra is lit from the right and above, while the phone used for the photo cast a shadow from behind.  That’s three separate light sources. There is a hand [with fingers Photoshopped off] or something under Sierra’ dangling ear piece too, holding it in place? It looks to be six or seven feet behind her. Who knows. Fake photo.

Here is a photo of Tamishia from “Sierra’s” Facebook link:


Yikes! Worst Photoshop job ever! The left eye has been superimposed, and does not line up with the right eye. They are not even looking the same direction. The top half of the face is one person, the bottom a another, or she has five o’clock shadow. It has been blurred down below and above in the hairline while well defined about the cheeks and eyes.  And this is not the Tamishia in the photo with her model sister above. The nose says it all.

Take a look at your own collection of photos some time, and notice the consistency of light and lines and shadings. These sort of problems only occur with photo fakery. The people at Langley who do this stuff are busy these days what with fake events every month or so. They are also bored, as Americans are so easy to fool that they don’t have to try very hard.

Anyway, I’ll stop, and I will do no more with the so-called San Bernardino victims. If one is so obviously a paste up, the others will deconstruct as easily too.

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