Induced hatred

I have a three-part writing mission, and get sidetracked. Part one is to merely establish that the American people are not capable of self-governance* – not now, anyway. Time might heal us, make us sane again, but agitation propaganda destroys intellectual abilities, permanently, so that it takes new people with fresh brains to lead us out of our current mess.

But each new generation is put through the same grinder of mass media, thought control and education that produces these empty-headed robots who pass for responsible citizens.

I suppose out of that attitude comes the haughty notion that some of us are smarter than most of us, creating resentment. “Are you calling me stupid?” Even stupid people resent that. However, we are talking about a particular kind of insight, the understanding of politics and psychological manipulation that only a few people possess.

This country, since the end of World War II, has been deeply brainwashed, boiled in agitprop all the way from having kids duck and cover and do air raid drills in the 1950s to the current military flyovers at sporting events and the onslaught of fake shootings. These events are designed to keep us in a high state of tension. In that state of mind, we cannot reason properly, and are susceptible to suggestion and manipulation.

Those of us who can see through this nonsense simply have the ability to relax. There ain’t no boogeymen out there, ain’t no terrorists knocking on our doors, ain’t no reason to walk around in fear. If you know that, you can sit quietly and read a book or contemplate a sunrise.

Events like 9/11, Boston, Paris and now San Bernardino (which, until proven otherwise I assume to be just another planned tragedy) are “agitation propaganda.” (A quick tour of Wikipedia and other sources will tell you that Lenin, Hitler and Mao practiced it, but will offer no suggestion that it is going on here this very moment.)

But classical study in propaganda teaches that people cannot live in such a high-wire state for long, and need intervals of relaxation in between agitations. In the United States these days we are not getting any time off. The agitation is unrelenting.

The results of unabated agitprop are resignation of the intellect (the stupidity we see about us now) and insanity. The underlying goal, support for more wars, is what drives the masters of deceit, but in the end they are left with a population that cannot think and only knows how to hate on command.

They seem to want that. So it is that otherwise capable people have been reduced to snarling wolves wanting revenge against the latest target for the United States military. Right now it is Syria. Next week it could be Tonga.

If we stop and think about it, we have no more reason to attack Syria than we did Vietnam, Iraq, Serbia, Libya or Afghanistan. But who has time to “stop and think?” The current ongoing mass shootings are serving the purpose of Orwell’s Two-Minute Hate, to remove thinking from our daily lives and replace it with a cause for action.

I wish they would let up. I wish they would let us relax. I am tired of the stupidity, tension, hatred, and insanity that is the United States today. But all of this reinforces the idea that causes me to write these words: We are not a people capable of self-governance. Not now, anyway.

Maybe for a brief interval after World War II, before the decision was made that we would be a National Security State in search of enemies, that we would be propagandized, we were a sane people. But that ship sailed in 1947.

Until we are given a decent interval of relaxation, a time to recover our senses and learn to reason again, we will not have the intellectual capacity needed to make wise choices or form sane popular movements for peace and human decency.

Oh, wait – what’s that I see? Another mass shooting? Where this time? Let’s go check it out! Gotta go! New reason for hatred! See ya!
*Part two is to analyze our political class and voting system, part three, the hardest part, is to describe what is behind the curtain, how our system of governance really functions, in concrete terms. I hope to get to that point someday.

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