Blessed are they who do not see, and yet believe

I still suspect that Antonin Scalia is really dead, and am happy about that. Given the level of corruption in our society, it is hard to point at just him and lay blame for the record of the Supreme Court in years past. He had a lot of help.

Never mind the notion that these justices, appointed for life, hold final say over too much, have too much power. They are essentially unaccountable. Even an obviously flawed decision like Citizens United, which they solicitedstands unchallenged. The whole system, never intended that way by the framers, needs to be chucked. The Supreme Court under Marshall essentially usurped its power, becoming the eqivalent of the British House of Lords.

But let’s take a closer look: death certificate issued by person who did not see body; cause of death unknown; no examination of the death scene; no autopsy or even examination of corpse; closed casket vigil; closed casket funeral. I do hope he is dead, and we will proceed as if he is. But we have nothing in the way if evidence that he is really dead. No body, no proof.

If you are a person of faith, you don’t have a problem. Some of us need to be convinced.

Again, I suspect he is dead. But without actual evidence, all we have is hope.

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