The Montana experience


I took this photo late yesterday afternoon – it is such a nice change to be in a place where you hear the wind blow, and nothing else. Four of us were stranded at Lewis and Clark Caverns near No Place Close,  Montana with a dead battery. I knew someone would come along eventually, so waited at the entrance and took in all the nothingness that is Montana.

Colorado does not have this. Every place there is populated and busy to some degree. There are no empty highways where you can just stand and listen to the wind.

A guy from Butte named Brian eventually stopped and got us going. At the same time, a guy who was biking high up on the hillside looked down and saw our hood up and made a special trip back to his car to come down and help.

I do miss this place.

One thought on “The Montana experience

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    Interesting you post this. I have an on going song and story about a cowboy who traveled from Montana many miles with the help of his pony with white saddle and the description of the weather and the path he took. America and how he


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