Weird scenes in Cibolo Creek Ranch

There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

The above words, from the song For What It’s Worth, purportedly written by Stephen Stills, were taken by most to be a war protest song. In reality, it was about the Sunset Strip riots, and the object of protest was closure of a night club. That kind of confusion is not unusual, as Stills, from a military family, was never one to object to war. He even bragged to others that he was in Special Forces in Vietnam.

The words came to mind as I reviewed the events surrounding the passage of Antonin Scalia.

The judge is said to have died in his sleep. That happens, though only rarely. The behavior of the people around him is truly weird. First was a phone call to a judge to pronounce him dead, slight unseen. The first judge refused, so they tried another, who refused. Finally they settled on Judge Cinderela Guevera, who went along with the scheme.

With the passage of such an important figure, a police examination of the death scene would be in order. But there was none. An autopsy would be in order, along with a toxicology screen. There was none. The body would kept under guard. It was not. A military or other official unit would be called in to move the body to Washington. Instead, it was driven 230 miles by car to El Paso, where it was immediately embalmed. There were other funeral homes much closer, air strips nearby.

All very weird. Then came the closed casket vigil and funeral.

What is up? I certainly don’t know. But something is up. These behaviors are too weird, and the silence of the official media, our purveyor of official lies, speaks of a powerful force behind them demanding silence. They are dogs on leashes and wearing shock collars. They only speak when told to do so.

The official command to be silent is contained in the words “conspiracy theory.” It’s a thought control mechanism that has most people trained to restrain their natural curiosity. Look away, we are told. Do not question all this strange behavior. If you do so, you’ll be shunned.

This I know: Only a few people saw a corpse, if there even was one. This could be murder, it could be another faked death. We have no way of knowing. It was all done in a hush-hush manner, and there is no investigation.

If you are curious about all of this, if you are incredulous and not buying it …if it all seems strange, there is nothing wrong with you. You’re naturally skeptical.

If you are an American journalist, and accept it all at face and question none of it, you’re the one with a problem.

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