This time it is for real

imageI encountered the above photo and quote on Facebook, where else? As I scroll down the entries there, I think man, never an original thought. It is all boilerplate cut and paste. That’s Facebook. We’re not exchanging ideas. We’re reading billboards.

Anyway, I commented on the above

“Pretty cool, especially since Teddy was a JP Morgan man.”

My comment got no likes!!!

Just so you know, Teddy Roosevelt, the “Trust Buster,” was controlled opposition, a man put in place to make sure certain interests advanced while others did not, and for whom historians have reconstructed reality. They have made him a man who acted independently of influence.

As a Morgan man, TR was charged with assuring the election of another Morgan man, and so in 1912 ran a third party campaign as a Progressive, the Bull Moose Party, to assure enough votes taken away from William Howard Taft to elect Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson then gave us the Federal Reserve, the income tax, World War I. The Morgan agenda. All of that was thanks to TR, the Trust Buster, who, incidentally, forgot to bust the Morgan trust.

Politicians are puppets on strings. All of them! Ever was it thus.

imageIn the comment string below the TR image I found this, however: Bernie Sanders.  He is running an independent campaign for president, is is under the influence of no one in particular. He just up and decided to run one day. He is no puppet, there are no strings. This time it is for real.

lucy-footballAnd that has nothing to to, nothing, with this other image that constantly comes to mind as I watch the Bernie campaign suck so many people in.

Honestly, I find it so hard to sit here and watch, as if politics were real, candidates were genuine, and there were no puppet masters.

People please, grow up.

6 thoughts on “This time it is for real

    1. The energy behind the Sanders campaign is good energy, and it is good to see people getting involved as they are, even on an informed basis. But the energy is wasted on him, as he is controlled opposition, just like TR in 1912.

      Things never really change, do they.


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