PhRMA: Please send money to fight Zika

See update below.

I’ve been reading various articles and listening to interviews and podcasts concerning the Zika virus. The whole thing is a nasty hoax. It is done for money (it will cost billions to develop a bacteria against a threat that does not exist) and to keep us in a state of tension (frightened people are much easier to control – that goal lay behind every hoax).

The center of the hoax is Brazil, where we now have seventeen confirmed cases of the virus being present in cases of microcephaly. The presence of the virus is meaningless, as it was first discovered in 1947, is harmless, and often present in our environment. Finding it anywhere is likely, especially if you’re looking for it, which is why it was chosen.

For it to be a real threat, it would have to be present in massive numbers and a pathway from virus to disease would have to be demonstrated. Neither criteria is satisfied.

Why Brazil? The Olympics will be there this summer, tens of thousands of people traveling there. That helps establish the need to do something, something very expensive, to remedy the situation. Now! It’s an emergency!!!

If you assume that because WHO is behind it, the threat is credible, and that because we have a burrowing news media to uncover the hoax, it would be exposed, please take note of the following:

Montana Art Revival For Kids
PO Box 77737
Belgrade, MT 59904

Please send $50 per month to that address. If you want, you can abbreviate the name of the organization on  your check: M.A.R.K.
Update: This just landed in my email basket, from Jon Rappoport. Microcephaly has been linked to pollution from petrochemicals, according to an ongoing study at the University of Haifa. It is causing a huge uproar in Israel, where the disease is emergent. In this case then, the Zika virus is serving as a cover tool for industry, a distraction, a diversion. That too makes sense. There will be no lawsuits for a disease that is caused by nature, rather than industrial pollution.

One thought on “PhRMA: Please send money to fight Zika

  1. Profits are down worldwide. The bloodsucker class is worried we’ll run out of blood before full spectrum dominance is achieved. This quote caught my eye this morning:

    “Central banks and finance chiefs don’t give a rip about growth, jobs or even the overall state of the economy. It’s a joke. What matters them is profits and stock prices. That’s it. All this rubbish about “doing more to boost growth” or “using fiscal policy to increase job creation and confidence” is enough to make you puke.” – Mike Whitney

    Parasites are looking at you for their next feeding. Anyone with a 401k beware.


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