Travelogue …

imageWe are in Costa Rica and will be for the coming ten days or so, the next two days on our own in San Jose. We are here with two Montana friends and will stay in the city for two days, and then join a bus tour that will have forty-four others. Most likely we’ll be seniors, though I don’t know where from. I imagine there will be walkers and canes, bladder and hearing issues, and that the bus will travel down the highway with its left blinker going.

I actually saw a sign in Florida a couple of years ago that said “Turn your blinker off.”

2 thoughts on “Travelogue …

    1. I know – normally I prefer the smaller scene, but this was suggested by our friends who asked us to join, and they are great company all the time. And I had a great group experience when we hiked into Machu Pichu, found all of the people delightful. But they were more athletic. This is going to be a more sedentary set. Will report back.


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