Voting for show

I write about this often. It is unimaginable to people that fraud is so widespread as it is, that elections, all of them, are either rigged or riggable. People cannot fathom such a thing. This is America. We send observers to backward countries to watch their elections when they should be sent here instead. We are backwards.

I could not help but notice in last night’s voting that Bernie Sanders won every caucus state, while Hillary Clinton won every electronic state except one.

It reminded me of 2012 where Ron Paul won every caucus state.

Caucuses, with their paper ballots, can be rigged too, just as elections prior to electric machines could be rigged (Truman in 1948 and JFK in 1960, for instance). But it is much harder than with an electronic counting machine. There is a higher likelihood of a clean count when there are auditable paper ballots backing up the tally.

Do I think the vote outcomes were rigged last night? Of course! As a CPA I know that where there is an opening for fraud, there is fraud. If we have no eyes on the ball, and we do not, it is even easier. I would venture that Sanders actually won every state last night except South Carolina, and that the machines gave them to Clinton. It is easy to do and therefore, is done.

Yes, it is that bad, we are that corrupt. Until you come to grips with it, it makes no difference who you support, who you vote for. It is out of your hands. Like everything else in a fake republic, voting is just for show.

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