Saturday fun …

imageI ran across this photo a couple of years ago, and then shelved it. Too weird. See if you can spot the reason why. And think innocent thoughts. That is probably the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, so this would have been taken when the Beatles were still touring, pre-1966.

The photo has not been doctored in any way. Shadows and lighting are natural. And frustrating as it is, it is not conclusive. Just weird.

I am testing you … I have noticed these past few years that people are not able to spot fakery in photos, even obvious stuff. But this photo is real.

For instance, see this photo below here, Monica and Bill:


It is an obvious fake, but it had you at first glance, right? They used body doubles, and all body doubles have to do is to fool you at first glance. Suggestive power does the rest. All presidents have doubles, and this guy above was obviously used by Clinton. I don’t know the circumstances –

Anyway, this is how I spent my Saturdays. Probably I suffer some form of mental illness, right? As I learned yesterday, our country has a mental health “crisis.” Here silly me merely thought that normal people have sadness, anger and depression, mood swings, and are susceptible to manipulation by TV, a hypnotic tool. Then there is all the agitation propaganda foisted on us by our spooks in the form of fake events like 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and San Bernardino, to name just a few.

There has been a horrible shooting up in Bozeman, Montana, my former home and first love, and people are driving right by the obvious suspicion, prescription drug side effects, and right to the least likely explanation … mental illness. The gal was suffering post-partum depression. That’s painful, but normal. Of course I don’t know, but am suspicious she was dosed up with antidepressants, most of which don’t even work and which are known to cause side effects like exacerbated hostility and suicidal ideation.

(Especially when mixed.)

Didn’t see that coming, did you. He’s rambling. Must be the drugs.

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