Fake Rodeos

Ah, so discouraging to watch as we endure yet another election contest, as if … after November, nothing will change. Nothing. Party politics has no effect on public policy, foreign or domestic. Those policies set to be implemented in the coming months will happen as if no election happened at all. There will be faux legislative battles, random court decisions, more manipulation of behaviors via fake terrorism, but mostly our governance is by edict and without reference to public opinion in any form.

What effect activists might have, those who take public officials and corporations to court, is minor, and about all we have left. But what else is there to do but act locally? If they could, our leaders would dispense with elections entirely, but they are apparently seen as necessary to foster the illusion of self-governance. 

The next president has been selected, though I do not know who it is. More and more looks like Ted Cruz. Hillary is passe’, a dead letter, long beyond useful. Her lap dog, Bernie, will exit the scene in July.

Trump appears to have people truly upset, as if he were the only person of extreme views in the race – when they are all crypto-fascists. The things that Trump says that most upset people – that our wars have harmed the planet, our trade agreements are harmful to our jobs and incomes, that Putin is a reasonable man, and that excessive  immigration harmful to our well-being … I cannot argue with him. I only wish he had more depth. And I don’t know if he is real or merely sheepdogging the right wing as Bernie does the left.

Politics is usually fake, but the anger at Trump from all the right places seems real at times. (Even Mitt Romney, the Mormon fascist, came out of retirement to attack him.)

I am currently reading a book about the origins of Christianity in Egyptian astrotheology. It’s pretty obvious, Horus = Jesus, Isis= Mary, with all the fables and stories identical. Worship of Horus was common all over Mediterranean Europe for centuries into the Common Era, and was only slowly replaced by Christian imagery occupying the same slot. The Romans did it by force. Over the centuries Christianity has been imposed on us by extreme violence. Inquisitions were no accident.

I find it all fascinating, but the destruction of historical records by Christians is disturbing. Because of that we know very little of our true origins. The book I am reading relies on remnants of surviving records and centuries of scholarship by excellent people vilified by Christians.

But the theme, how our fake history is written as we move forward in time, continues to this day. American history is fake, American politics is fake. Christianity is fake. There is objective reality, and real history. But it is all hidden from view. You have to search for. It does not fall into your lap. It is not read to you by a pretty blonde.

So Bernie, Hillary, Ted and Donald are fake. This election, like the ones before, is fake. Why would this rodeo be any different than the ones before?

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