Blonde reporters


The scene above is the train station in August of 1980 Bologna, Italy, after a bomb exploded and killed 84 people and wounded 200 others. Back in those days terrorists used real bombs and really did kill people. That particular bombing was part of “Operation Gladio,” and was done by agents of NATO as part of what was called internally a “strategy of tension.”

The idea then was to pull of these acts of terror and blame Communists, as they wanted to be sure that there were no communists in government. Only fascists need apply. The notion is about that Gladio ended when people were tried and jailed in Italy, but I doubt it. The strategy of tension is all around us to this day. The object is to keep us in a state of fear – the easier to manipulate and control us.

I was at the gym this morning, and as I sat lifting my weights, I was humming along with a  song in my earphones. As I looked up in the mirror, a lady behind me was snapping her fingers and dancing to my tune. We both laughed, and later I told her the name of the tune. She said “I didn’t pick up on that, but you were entertaining for us when the news on TV is so bad.”

Thus did I learn that we have had another event. Brussels this time.

People, I know you won’t listen, that you’ll automatically believe what’s on the TV. Even now, as CIA agent Anderson Cooper is in flight to the scene of the crime, the American news media is full of uncritical vapid pretty faces repeating every morsel handed them by the agents of terror. Just understand that blondes are no better at news reporting than they are at any other facet of life.

In other words, hold back. Don’t assume anything is true. Wait for evidence. Analyze it for yourself. Remember that the New York Times, fifty-two years after the fact, is yet to admit the the Gulf of Tonkin was a hoax, and that trusted source has not transformed over the years into an agent of truth.  Not hardly.

Use your heads! Please.

3 thoughts on “Blonde reporters

  1. This is Hillary’s big “presidential” moment. Obama is out of the country. Trump doesn’t ordinarily do live tv news interviews, he phones it in from his private jet on his way back to New York after a hard day of rally speeches. Today is wall-to-wall Hillary’s, it’s her day to shine — solo as if she were already in office.


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