President Trump?

The idea of a President Trump does not scare me. The whole field is made up of buffoons fronting for hidden oligarchs. None of them have the ability to work with Congress or foreign leaders or to be effective economic or military strategists.

But who cares? It is not in the job description, which merely calls for an actor, and effective speaker, a ribbon cuttter and baby kisser. Presidents who wield power effectively and command more than fake respect … we haven’t had one of those since Nixon … not that I admired the man, but he did seem to have genuine talent.

Suppose we have a President Hillary Clinton, a woman who maintains that fake marriage for the sake of the last name … Already we know we have a phony.*  She might be a loose cannon, feeling the need to prove her chops by actually messing in foreign and domestic affairs. We’ve already seen her do this as Secretary of State, necessitating a huge cover-up to hide her tracks, the whole private server/email scandal.

That is someone who scares me. Amateurs tend to make a mess of things when they are in over their heads. That’s why the office of President is reserved for actors.

The office is symbolic. The occupant has no real power. It calls for someone to pretend to steer a ship guided by others. It’s ideal for a narcissist, a buffoon – a Reagan, a W. So what’s the big deal about Trump? He seems ideal.

Trump, when he speaks, appears to be unscripted, and so lacks the narcotic effect of the others. He often says things that oligarchs find troubling, criticizing both our wars and trade agreements. They don’t own him (it appears), and so have instructed their puppets in the media to attack him from the talking head news and late night comedy slots. But the ridicule only enhances his reputation.

Often such a backfire effect is calculated. It’s hard to kmow what’s really up with Trump. But I hear him offhandedly referred to as a fascist and racist, and do not see it. “Fascist” is used as a pejorative but is actually something quite normal. The word fits the entire presidential field. Hillary appears a fascist and it does not seem to scare anyone. So if that criticism were to stick on Trump, he merely joins the club. We breed them and teach them to wear masks. What else is new?

But a racist? Nah. He’s playing to the crowd with the Muslim/Mexican rhetoric, but has also pointed out that we made the Middle East quagmire and created the immigration from the south with NAFTA. That’s merely factual, and therefore not allowed to be spoken out loud. Trump is breaking the rules of American politics, saying things that are true.

The Trump phenomenon is pure entertainment of a kind we rarely see in politics. I am enjoying every minute of it. Scared? Of what? A clown elected to a symbolic perch? Nobody gets hurt, everyone has fun, everyone wang chung…
*I do not understand this: After Hillary left college she flunked the bar exam, and then was appointed, at age 26, to advise the House Committee on the Judiciary on impeachment during Watergate. Something smells here. It would be like me flunking the CPA exam and then being appointed to advise the Financial Accounting Standards Board. It does not happen in real life.

2 thoughts on “President Trump?

  1. A Trump presidency would be more fun as a spectator. Think how many spectators we have.

    “The fake Democrat/Republican duopoly, which it has been using to simulate democracy and to disguise the fact that it’s all made to order for the same bunch of transnational oligarchs, is in trouble: a barbarian is at the gates. His name is Donald Trump, and he’s had the régime in his sights for many years. And now he is moving in for the kill.

    Trump isn’t even that good at it, but this is a super-easy job. As I said, the Washington régime is just as hated within the US as it is around the world, if not more. Trump’s slogan of “Make America great again!” may sound overly ambitious, but what if his promise is to make America great again at exactly one thing—throwing members of the Washington régime on the ground and stomping on their heads until they pop? I am pretty sure that he can get this done. – Dmetri Orlov


    1. That’s a gripping article, and the commenters are aces too. I went to glance at it a half an hour ago, just now finished.

      One commenter wants to use the term “garks” instead of oligarchs. I like it!


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