The Trump/Bernie charade

Time and again now, in personal dealings, on Facebook, on radio and TV, I am seeing self-imagined intelligent people saying derogatory things about Donald Trump.

On the other side of that coin are the same type people saying kind things about Bernie Sanders.

It is media manipulation, writ large. You’re being diddled, folks. Statements by Trump and Sanders are being magnified by news media and entertainers and aimed at target audiences.

Trump’s (scripted) comments are for reactionary right wingers, a significant portion of the population. His intemperate remarks on immigrants, foreigners in general, building walls and anti-trade agreements are calculated to get a rise out of that crowd. He’s fake.

Sanders’ (scripted) remarks are for deluded liberals and progressives. His incantations are for policies that he surely knows will never see light of day in our business-run country: public-sponsored health care and higher education, anti-trade agreements and taxation of oligarchs. This is all calculated to get a rise out of the NPR/PBS set. He’s fake.

Reactionaries and liberals and progressives are being herded in opposing camps for one purpose: the selection and then election of Hillary as the next president. It is classic divide and conquer. Yes, the office of president has no power, but public opinion can create problems for the rulers, and so has to be maneuvered into submission.

The Trump/Sanders gambit is immensely clever. It was masked in a hoard of candidates, all of whom dutifully stepped aside when ordered to do so, leaving us with what we see now: Two shills and Hillary. (I doubt very much that reported vote counts in primaries are even close to accurate.)

The American public is polled incessantly, our attitudes and ideas constantly held under the microscope. If you want to see some of this polling, which is not published, consult the Council on Foreign Relations.

The purpose of the polling is only for management purposes. The oligarchs and their puppet politicians exist in a sphere far to the right of public opinion, but they do need to know and understand their enemy, the American public. So the job of media is to be sure Americans feel an effective blowing off of steam through elections, but realize no change in public policies.

It is herd management, nothing more. Public policy, after all, is none of our damned business.

President Trump?

The idea of a President Trump does not scare me. The whole field is made up of buffoons fronting for hidden oligarchs. None of them have the ability to work with Congress or foreign leaders or to be effective economic or military strategists.

But who cares? It is not in the job description, which merely calls for an actor, and effective speaker, a ribbon cuttter and baby kisser. Presidents who wield power effectively and command more than fake respect … we haven’t had one of those since Nixon … not that I admired the man, but he did seem to have genuine talent.

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Fake Rodeos

Ah, so discouraging to watch as we endure yet another election contest, as if … after November, nothing will change. Nothing. Party politics has no effect on public policy, foreign or domestic. Those policies set to be implemented in the coming months will happen as if no election happened at all. There will be faux legislative battles, random court decisions, more manipulation of behaviors via fake terrorism, but mostly our governance is by edict and without reference to public opinion in any form.

What effect activists might have, those who take public officials and corporations to court, is minor, and about all we have left. But what else is there to do but act locally? If they could, our leaders would dispense with elections entirely, but they are apparently seen as necessary to foster the illusion of self-governance.  Continue reading “Fake Rodeos”

The guy’s secret life is public

Bill Monica time 1Bill MOnica time 2

This falls under the heading “Duh!,” as when I realized what I was seeing, I knew I had been had yet again by our spooks, those who control our every perception. These are covers of Time Magazine back from the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Both are fake, or pasted-up photos. Apparently no real photos of the two together exist.

On the left, Bill is in sunlight and has clearly defined and sharp features, while Monica is filtered, and has softer light from a photo obliviously taken indoors. In the second, Bill’s hair is poorly barbered, and he is a much taller man than that, much taller than her. It is just some guy, and the picture of her and everyone around her are pasted in from other sources.

Monica, in fact, never belonged in the White House, had no qualifications, probably has nothing more than an acting degree from a small college.

How do they get away with this? It is the power of suggestion. For instance, when Clinton was in Billings, Montana in the late 90’s they ran a motorcade up to the airport on North 27th Street,  I assumed that it was him in the limousine that went by. More likely he was in a less conspicuous vehicle or rode to Air Force One in a military helicopter. But the mere suggestion, limousine, motorcade, allowed me to fill in my own blanks.

Far more important here – Clinton, who suffered a near deal-breaking scandal due to the Monica affair, was aware that these photos on the cover of a national magazine were faked. Therefore, he knew about it, and approved of it. What does that tell you?

Again, I slapped my forehead and mouthed the words “I am too stupid to live!!!” The answer is beneath the fold.

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Why Hillary will win the nomination

I listen to Rush Limbaugh when out and about these days. I find him less abrasive than in years past, even a little more open and honest.

It appears his primary function is to keep the eyes of his right-wing audience on the ball, focusing on Obama and the Democrats as evil lefties. This reinforces the illusion of two parties. Whether he knowingly does that it is just a useful idiot – who knows?

But he said one thing of interest, if just in passing. He noted that Hillary’s campaign appears to be collapsing, and of course finds Bernie repugnant, as do I. But then he said “Hillary will get the nomination, of course, as she owns the superdelegates.”

I had forgotten about that facet of the nominating process, the backstop in place to prevent real delegates from choosing someone upapproved by real power. I’ve been away from fake politics for too long!

Inconvenient documents

The post below dealt with the matter of fake death, and a commenter noted that fake deaths are not uncommon:

“We are now able to disappear thousands of bodies, whole passenger planes and the most notorious “terrorist” in history. Practice makes perfect. One need only think of the “witness protection” program to see how easy it is to relocate thousands of people in new lives and new places, in plain sight — like Montana. The truth is out there.”

Here’s another example: while no “plane” hit the Pentagon on 9/11, there apparently was a flyover, though witnesses place the track of that airliner off line with whatever hit the building. The pilot of that airliner, Chick Burlingame, is supposedly one of the thousands of victims of the sleek and shiny reptiles who pulled of that stunt that day. If he did not really die, he would have to take on a new identity and begin a new life. He would have to be careful not to blow the gig.  But what would happen if others knew about his fake death and began talking?

This might interest you. 

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Bring on the Jewish house Radical!

I get a little squeamish when I see a “whistleblower” who not only survives, but maintains a high profile. Consequently, I pay very little attention to Sibel Edmunds and her Boiling Frogs Post. In a full spectrum dominance environment, all alternatives are false leads. There are whistleblowers out there. Like true public citizens throughout history, they rot in prison. Obama has made sure of that.

Nonetheless, even disinformation agents have to tell the truth now and then, if for no other reason than to maintain street creds. So it does not hurt to read what goes on BFP – currently, Dr. James Petras has a very nice piece up, Democratic Party “Progressives” as Political Contraceptives. He takes the sheepdog tradition currently filled by Bernie Sanders back only as far as Jesse Jackson – there have been countless others (Gary Hart, Eugene McCarthy), but it is worth reading.

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