How to spot false leaders

[This is a rework of an earlier post, with a little more justification behind my contention that most of our leaders are false leaders, as real leaders are a pain in the ass.]
Two recurring themes on this blog are the nature of power, and false leadership, or “controlled opposition.” If one wants to understand the landscape around us, a firm grasp of both are critical.

Power is the ability to cause another person to submit to your will. When a majority is governed by a minority, as we are, issues of power become critical, as the masses have to be persuaded that the minority interests are actually the “national interest.”

There are many means available, among them logical persuasion, subversion, bribery and brute force. The least effective means of bending others to our will are persuasion and brute force. For this reason, we are constantly bombarded with clever lies, manipulative advertising and staged events, all designed to influence and undermine our thinking.

Among the most effective devices in controlling our thoughts and actions is the false leader. Most often, this is a person of low character who has been bribed to behave and speak in a certain manner. False leaders are easy to spot. They usually receive large publicity, and pay no price for anti-authoritarian behavior.

I will give but a few examples, and then get on with my day:

  • Jane Fonda. This woman came to symbolize the burgeoning antiwar movement of the late sixties. Her mission was to discredit it. Cameras followed her everywhere, including a trip to North Vietnam where she was photographed in a gun turret pretend-firing at American bombers. It was iconic. Mission accomplished. Were she a true dissident she would have paid a hefty price for her activity, consorting with the enemy, but she went on to a lucrative movie career, among other activities.
  • John Kerry. This man stood before cameras and tossed his war medals over a fence in front of the U.S. Capitol. It was a staged event – remember, cameras were there, meaning they had advance notice. Later, he would be asked to testify before congress, be elected senator, marry an heiress, run for president, and become Secretary of State. That sort of good fortune does not happen to a real leaders. True dissidents are hounded, terrorized, jailed, beaten, tortured, but never asked to run for high office, and almost never marry into the oligarchy.
  • Julian Assange. Supposedly holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange generated the “leaks” that stoked the flames of color revolutions, starting in Tunisia. The revolutions, the so-called “Arab Spring,” while not staged, were fomented by agents provocateur, and done to cause regime change in targeted countries. Assange, a towhead, merely needs darken his hair to wander freely about, which he surely does, only occasionally appearing at the embassy for a photo op. All of the highly publicized stories of his troubles in Sweden have been invented to enhance his image as a dissident.

This is fun, an easy subject for writing with a wide array of candidates, including Bernie Sanders, Fidel Castro, and the most prominent of all, Barack Obama. They arise for various reasons to achieve various ends – to mislead and undermine popular movements, to ensure that popular dissent is contained, or just to distract us while real business goes on in secret. It is all part of “full spectrum dominance,” where no matter where we turn for effective leadership, we come face-to-face with the enemy.

I’ll offer some more over time, maybe in the coming days, and hope that readers can contribute as well.

5 thoughts on “How to spot false leaders

  1. Yeah, right. Jane “went on to a lucrative movie career, among other activities” and hopped in bed with the rich man for his money. And becoming vice president of the Turner Foundation. Where she directed untold millions of dollars into radical nonprofit groups engaged in ecoterrorist “environmentalism”. Her hubbie Ted must have bribed her to do that, because Hanoi Jane surely wouldn’t have funded tree spikers and obstructionists like Steve Kelly’s Alliance for the Wild Rockies all on her own, now would she.

    And I thought you liberal enviro pansies loved her. Why do you turn on her now?


    1. I can see why you keep your identity a secret.

      But yeah, Hanoi Jane was an icon, and turned most of the population off on the antiwar movement. You can question whether she was smart enough to know how she was being used, but you cannot question her effectiveness. (Her Dad, Hank, was military intelligence. A lot of these spook types used their own kids this way … Read Weird Scenes in the Canyon by McGowan sometime, just for a primer, as he did not go deep enough.)

      The whole idea behind controlled opposition is to keep us engaged. People have to let off steam and we never agree on issues anyway. But false leaders, read above, …mislead and undermine popular movements, to ensure that popular dissent is contained, or just to distract us while real business goes on in secret. It is all part of “full spectrum dominance,” where no matter where we turn for effective leadership, we come face-to-face with the enemy.

      And stay tuned. I’ve got a long list of people I am going to write about.


    1. Holy moley! That is an extensive article – I’ll link Global Research later today on the right hand side. I urge anyone with an interest in history to go there.

      The reasoning behind false flag attacks is easy to follow: Weak people and states do not want to be attacked by strong ones. So the strong ones have to invent reasons for themselves to justify their behavior.


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