Another false leader to consider

oliver_stoneI am going to continue on the path of false leaders, as it seems a rich vein to mine, offering a broad view of the degree of thought control that exists in our society. Our masters do not let the dog wander freely. We are always on the end of a leash even if we do not know it.

I emphasize that it is not an isolated phenomenon. It is pervasive, and affects every aspect of our lives from music and entertainment to art, politics, education and philosophy. We are in the grips of tyranny, and exhibit Stockholm Syndrome in historic proportion, even rivaling the people of North Korea (if our information about that country is remotely true).

We are told that people of the Soviet Union lived under tyranny, yet look at what is apparent! They were able to change their governments and improve their lives without bloodshed. As Ricky so often said … “Lucy, ‘splain.” Because there ain’t no way that could happen here.

The vehicle of false leadership offers a portal to the other side. Today I am going to mention just one:

  • Oliver Stone: The 1991 movie JFK came out of Hollywood at a time when CIA/military control of the movie industry had long been in place. Every now and then some minor picture will leak through, like Wag the Dog, or one that subliminally hints at hidden reality, like The Matrix. But Stone’s JFK was a big budget slap in the face to power, complete with high production values and big-name actors. How did that movie get made? Why did Stone’s career not end? That sort of thing does not happen by accident.

I asked myself that question when the movie came out, but was too deep in the matrix to begin to see the answer. Here is Miles Mathis on the subject:

It has long been clear to almost all intelligent people who study the evidence that the Warren Commission was a cover-up. Something like 80% of those polled admit they don’t believe the Warren Commission report and we must assume that the other 20% are very gullible. Some have also studied the so-called conspiracy theories — the alternate theories, that is. But it should be equally clear that then alternate theories are, in most ways, just as full of holes and just as poorly constructed as the standard theory. Like the Warren Commission report, the alternate theories also read like propaganda. …

Let me suggest to you that both sets of stories were created mainly as misdirection and disinformation. This is not to say that all alternate theorists are controlled by the government or by anyone else. It is only to suggest that alternate theories — in all forms but one – seem to be encouraged by the government and the powers that be. We have always assumed that alternate theories would be frowned upon or discouraged, and yet we have never seen much real effort at suppression. In fact, in most cases, the dissemination of alternate theories would seem to be abetted by the mainstream, not suppressed. For the powers that be, it may not matter whether you believe there was one shooter or many, or even whether you believe that the CIA or FBI was involved. The only thing that is critical is that you believe Kennedy was assassinated that day …

The words in bold in that quote – I added the emphasis because it explains why Oliver Stone was allowed to make that movie, funded, given access to Hollywood’s best actors, and then enjoyed wide distribution. His movie, more than any other propaganda source, is responsible for the cottage industry of JFK-related books, YouTubes and lectures. He has constructed a false narrative, rewritten history, and entrapped us in the matrix.

Does Oliver Stone know his role? I believe so. He’s no fool. He’s gone on to make other movies, and did a long historical series on Showtime that glossed right over the most important fake event of our own times, 9/11. For Stone, it is a two-fer. His role in re-framing American history is writ large.

I have listened to Stone in interviews with JFK researchers. He seems short and intemperate, always needing to move on. And now I know why. He’s living a lie, like all false leaders do. It affects them all differently – some lie with ease, as did Jane Fonda, some become recluses, like Neil Armstrong, some affect idiosyncrasies, like Max Baucus’s stuttering in public.

For Stone, it is just short-tempered flirtation with honest but misguided people. He is not comfortable doing it.

Oliver Stone: False Leader.

4 thoughts on “Another false leader to consider

    1. Know nothing about Sean Stone. Ventura is suspect because he gets exposure on national TV. That does not happen by accident. But he is supportive of Dr. Judy Wood, so there’s that. We never can know for sure – always left to our own devices in the end.


  1. True. I gotta give Ventura credit for exposing me to the concept of targeted individuals. A young man I know in SLC is being hammered mercilessly by attackers unknown for reasons unknown. I would have written him off as a whack job, as have most others.


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